Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Staycation :)

I have had the past five days off from work and it has been pure bliss! Love love love staycations :)

On Friday, I did a little shopping and had lunch at Nordstrom Cafe - their tomato soup is SO good - yum. Just looking at this makes me wish I had another cup right now!

 Also decided to treat myself to these lovely Tory Burch sandals I've had my eye on for a bit now. I have not taken these off since I bought them - LOVE! :)

Paid a visit to Sephora also :)

 It took a couple days for this nude nail polish to grow on me but - I love it now. Think this will be my summer go to color - fancy nails!

Aside from shopping - a lot of cleaning has gone one the past few days. Every room is nice and neat and it is such a great feeling :) Chad took everything out of the fridge, shelves/drawers and all - and scrubbed it down.

Of course - Chad made us some cocktails over the weekend - i took video to capture this one - Fancy!

Yesterday - fit in a run before we grilled out and had a few friends over. Me post run.... yes I know I look sexy with my headband on ;) I started wearing them for spin to keep the sweat out of my eyes/face....yes, I sweat like a beast when I workout!

I am loving this peel gel I picked up at Sephora - Peter Thomas Roth Firm-x Peeling Gel.  This stuff is so so awesome. You put it all over your face and gently rub it into your skin with a circular motion. You can actually see and feel the dead cells exfoliating from your skin.... SO COOL! This will definitely be a new skincare staple for me. the girl at Sephora said she uses it everywhere - elbows, feet, etc - anywhere you want to clear away dead skin cells. I wonder if this comes in gallon size??

back to my egg white omelet with spinach, turkey and feta this morning....

Today my last day of vaca will be gym, grocery store, flowers at Lowe's, planting, walking the girls and later babysitting Miss Maeve. Happy Tuesday Everyone! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Girls Weekend 2015 & Interpol

I survived Girls Weekend 2015! Barely but ...I did :) Was so much fun to see everyone and catch up - and do something different. We usually do beach/pool theme so, was fun to do something completely different and do a cabin. Of course we had grand plans to go hiking, rafting, maybe horseback riding...yep, we sat our butts on the deck and drank, laughed & gossiped all weekend :) Such a fun time!

Trip started off right at Joe's on Juniper in Atlanta - we spent the night at Shefali's condo Wednesday night in Midtown - ATL. Her place is right in our old stomping grounds for back in my 20s/early 30s and all the fun places we used to party. Made me really miss Atlanta but wow, it has really changed. This place had not though.... We ordered this bucket o booze to start the weekend off right ;)

Inside of Shef's new place - absolutely loved it and - fantastic view!

Of course we had to go shopping for necessities - which clearly was BOOZE. My liver is still in recovery mode!

Me & Mary on Shef's patio - great view of the city

We finally made it up to the cabin Thursday - the river was literally right in our backyard! It was so soothing all weekend to hear it bubbling along behind us

And....more booze!

We also had plenty of snacks ;)

Including moonshine soaked cherries.... these seemed like a good idea at the time but boy oh boy - dangerous!

Chef Mary whipped up some awesome meals for us - these were healthy taco lettuce wraps - made gluten and dairy free! They were awesome

I made us sausage bread - everyone's favorite breakfast meal :)

Complete with Mimosas! One bottle of champagne per lady for the weekend ;)

All those mimosas may have resulted in us painting on fake eyebrows and laughing hysterically :) We were discussing the trend of women filling in their eyebrows to make them look fuller and how some people have it down and others need some help.... what do you think, looks pretty au natural right? LOL ;)

These were amazing apps from Chef Mary... salmon bites with tofu cream cheese, capers & red onion - so so good!

Christy, Shef & Mikele ... love these ladies!

Group dinner shot :) I need to get this one in a frame.

Tracy, me and Mars!

And our traditional "back to reality" group shot we always take the morning we leave - boo :(

 Again.... the gorgeous view from the back on our last morning - beautiful to drink coffee with this view!

I had a fantastic time with all my girls - we really realized how lucky we are to have such a strong bond after all these years. Life has taken us all in completely different directions but, we can always rely on each other for help, advice, a laugh, a cheers, a hug - was a fantastic weekend filled with all of those things - love them!

So... after a weekend of little sleep, lots of wine/champagne & feeling absolutely exhausted - what better to do than go to an Interpol show! Admittedly I had thoughts of skipping the show as I have seen them quite a few times but - so happy we went. It was AMAZING! They are so good live & will always be one of my favorite bands :) and their new album is really really good. And they played a good mix of old and new songs - Stella, Pioneer to the Falls & Not Even Jail - was such a blast

 Me at work yesterday... running on fumes, little sleep and a wee bit of a hangover. Ugh.

So I decided to take a mental health day today - also picking Honey up from chemo later today. I was making my "to do" list in my head of all that I wanted to accomplish today and then realized - wait - I don't have to get all this shit done tomorrow! The point of today is to sleep in, chill & get focused again.

I have had way too much of this in my life lately....

And while I love coming home to charcuterie and vino... I need more gym time, vegetables & H2O in my life! So back on the healthy path today and taking a break from booze - my liver insisted! Hitting the grocery later today to stock up - Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Sunday, May 3, 2015


such a slacker on blogging lately! And today I have to do some work-work for a few hours so...what a better time to procrastinate blog than now! :)

Random photos from the past weeks...

I am so happy i discovered a dry shampoo that works for me and my curling wand - keep me from getting bored with my hair. I have had a few fleeting moments lately of "i need to cut this shit off" but then I will have a good hair day and say "what was I thinking?".... long hair stays for now.

 Random selfie while waiting for Chad to get ready.... i love the Bebe photo bomb here :)

this was taken by accident but - love how our lamp/chandelier looks in this photo

Last Saturday the weather was rainy and yucky so we went to the movies - we never go to the movies so, was excited. I picked - we went to see True Story with Jonah Hill and James Franco - great acting, bad movie. Afterwards we went to Side Project Tasting Room - i had some yummy wine - love this place - loved this pour from Katie the bartender - thanks lady :)

 April shower bring May flowers right? It's beginning to look like Spring around here! I finally could not stand it any longer and planted my herbs and flowers on our patio - love!

 Me and Chad with Miss Honeybee.... she is doing good but - still have a few more chemo sessions left. While on chemo, she cannot take her arthritis pills so, she is struggling a bit with her back legs :( I cannot wait to be finished with chemo so she has her groove back. Of course she is happy as can be still so - makes us both very happy :)

Big kisses! I know - dog kisses are gross. Unless it's your dog.

Bebe looks like she wants to talk - she jumped up on the couch and sat here like this just staring at me.... I fully expected her to start talking.

We tried a new (to us) pizza place in Dogtown - holy yum! Felix's in Dogtown - this pizza was SO GOOD!! Tasty wings too - i like my chicken wings crispy and the one's we ordered were double trashed so - extra crispy. YUM.

I had two pieces but really wanted to eat the entire pizza to myself.

New beauty products! I have heard great things about this brand so thought I would give it a go....so far so good!

Random wine night with Erin this week at Ernestos - this wine was delicious! need to try and find it online - so so yummy - tart, dry - everything I love in a white wine :)

Friday morning Bebe was acting very pouty - she would not leave my side as I got ready for work in the bathroom.... I was worried something was up with her so - ended up taking 1/2 a day vaca Friday afternoon and taking her on a long long walk. She seemed to cheer up :)

Bebe on our walk through Lafayette Square Park...

So I had to try the How-Old app I saw on Ellen... oh yeah, lie to me baby!

27!! I will take that lie - my new wrinkle cream must be working ;)

Still not as fun as the fat booth app but - was fun to put different pics in and laugh.

It has been Radler season - grapefruit wheat beer - low in alcohol so you can drink a couple and not feel buzzed - tasty summer beer!

So with all the beer, pizza and wings.... gotta hit the gym! Lots of spinning in my life lately - after my girls weekend, I am going to get legit spin shoes - excited :) I was going to take video of all the sweat I wrung out of my headband after spin class Saturday but realized that eww, hey that's gross. Most likely, I would be the only person impressed with that. You're welcome.

Miss HB using her bed... as a pillow. Why not?

So I have a gum addiction and if I see a new flavor I have to try it. This seemed like a weird concept to me but - was pretty good. Except after chewing this I wanted the real thing. Like a dozen.

So, we didn't do the full blow Derby experience yesterday but - I did drink a mint julep and watch the derby. Not the same without a fancy hat and dress. Maybe next year. The mint julep however, was delicious.

So I really have no excuse now - gotta work for a few hours, do some laundry, get my nails done and start preparing for my girls trip this week! I fly out Wednesday morning and can't wait to see my girls! It has been almost three or four years since we've done our girls weekend.... way too long! So much to catch up on - so excited I can hardly stand it! :) Cheers!