Sunday, November 22, 2015

11 Days Vaca!

Work has been cray cray busy lately - I am very happy to say I am now on vacation - 11 days away from the office - yes i will take that :) So far it's been a fun break and I am prepping for Turkey Day aka Friendsgiving - my favorite holiday :) And I also feel like hey.... am I the only one that doesn't have my tree up yet this year? I have always waited until after Thanksgiving? When did peeps start putting trees up in early November.  I can only process one holiday at a time but to each their own I suppose & whatever makes you smile :) 

This makes me smile.... Amy Schumer tickets! YAY! So so funny.... Erin and Alan and our neighbors also got tix so will be a fun night out

New booties came in... I am still struggling with the whole "how to cuff your jeans with booties" dilemma.... I just can't cuff my jeans without having terrible flashbacks to 7th grade, braces & bad perms. And clearly I need work in the jean rolling/bootie department.... I am going to have my friend Laura just dress me on days I wear these lol. The struggle is real.

I do love these however - Hinge boots made in Seattle on sale at Nordys for 40% off - so comfy, no jean rolling and a beautiful gray taupe color - love!

Chad and I discovered this little mom & pop donut shop in our neighborhood - it is kinda off the beaten path from where we usually go but Thank You Yelp - my skinny jeans will be extra snug this holiday season. I got 3 dozen for work on my last day - I was feeling pretty popular that day at work lol - everyone loves a good donut!

look at how LONG my hair is! I think this is almost too long - aka Crystal Gayle long. I am itching for a change and thinking the New Year will bring a chop. It takes forever to blow dry & straighten - it would definitely be chopped already if I had not discovered dry shampoo this year.

 Mom & Dad came to visit us - love my wine time with D-lo! Next visit we will be going there - such a long drive for them and Dad prefers driving over flying. It was a short visit but always so great to see them and spend time together - I am so very thankful for having such amazing parents & role models. I know it is a rare thing and I never want to take that for granted. I had a couple people tell me I looked like my Mom in this picture and I have never been more flattered :)

And this folks is what 84 looks like - he was happy as a clam as he had the best seat in the bar for the Redskins game - and they WON! Dad had a blast :)

Beautiful fall sky I captured coming out of work - one of the rare days lately when it was not dark already when I left the building - love the blue sky & clouds

 Finally found some wine colored skinny jeans that fit right - I copped this outfit from pinterest, not going to lie :) I kept singing in my head all day to the jimmy fallon tight pants skit "wine pants....i got my wine pants on"

 This was my night Thursday night before I wrapped up things for vaca- wine made working late at home much more bearable - I am going to fully enjoy these days off and make them count

My sweet Honeybee! Chad gave her a little pillow to rest on and she has been all about the pillow when she is in our bedroom - love this sweet girl :)

 Friday night - Chad's old unit had a happy hour at a bar in Illinois where we used to live. Gotta love a bar in a strip mall!

 Once we headed back home we decided to check out the drag show at Woodies in Soulard - it was such a cool space and I love a good drag show!

Unfortunately this is the only pic I

Fun night & the cocktails were flowing... I may have had a wee bit of a hangover yesterday, which I promptly blamed on a "bad burrito". Very happy to be feeling 100% today :) Damn those bad burrito and bad crab claws!

And so... it has begun! We got a little bit of snow yesterday morning - I was excited to see it fall. No accumulation but, was still pretty & got me in the holiday spirit. I am curious to see what our winter is like this year and how much snow we will end up getting.

Finally last night, our 6th year wedding anniversary! Can't believe how fast time has gone by. I am very thankful to have such a supportive husband that makes me laugh & smile every day. Love this man so very much.

Today- I am making lasagna per request for my Erin. She just gave birth to their second child Finley on Monday and we get to hang out and meet her for the first time today - so excited! :) Happy Sunday Sunday to All! XOXO!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hello Again :)

wow well - what turned into a little break from blogging turned into a six week hiatus! I think Instagram has become my new way to share my life with everyone :) Chad has been telling me to "vlog" as he thinks I would post more that way. Maybe I will try it out soon but for now - I will share some highlights from the past few weeks

 So there have been lots of sweating going on - my workout game has been pretty strong. I got a new fitbit - a Charge HR - and I love it! Very motivating to see how many calories you can burn

 Me and my fauxbury scarf ;) Very fall & mine was only $35....not $350

 New Bed-stu boots that I am in love with. These are so comfy! And....yes I did take advantage of Nordy's 40% off fall clearance and got two new pairs of boots for under $200 total! Some gray riding boots and gray/brown booties - can't wait! Hey, I can't pass up a good sale - especially on boots since I wear them for a good six months of the year!

 I have been sporting this light gray/lavender nail polish and have been in LOVE with it - just went to dark since it is fall but am missing my nude nail look already....

In case you are wondering who's coffee mug that is.... A is for Ashley ;) $3 at TJM!

 That one time our house was clean.... wish it could stay this way! I have been threatening for the past 2 years to hire a maid but..... have yet to break down and do it. Life is too short to scrub toilets!

This is pretty much what my Fall decorating has consisted of so far this season...and i think these lasted about 2.5 days before the squirrels started to help themselves to some pumpkin :(

 My lovely college roomie Shefali came to visit in October! Was such a fantastic visit and fun to have her in town for a short trip :)

 She loved our neighborhood - took her to a local bar here that has a cover band on the patio that plays hippie jam music (her fave) - add a bucket of cheap beer to that and she was pretty much right at home - felt like old times :)

And we moved onto our next bar to watch some Saturday football and met 15 new BFFs! The Georgia Alumni Association meets every Saturday at a bar right in our 'hood - who knew! Was so much fun :)

 My fancy charcuterie plate - this may or may not have been dinner one evening

 I am mildly obsessed with this yoga - Greek Whips Pumpkin Cheesecake - amazing! Yes, I bought them ALL!

 More workouts and calorie burns...gotta work off the charcuterie dinners

 Chad and I had a Saturday night in our kitchen cooking and listening to music - my favorite kind of Saturday night - aren't we so cute! ;)


Drinks at Planters House - their new fall drink menu is out - can't wait to check it out - maybe this weekend...but I just really can't get over the Gin Soaked Boy on the left. SO tasty

I have been on a soup kick lately with all the chilly fall weather - this was our Halloween weekend Rosemary & Red Wine Beef Stew - heaven!

 Love lazy Sunday happy place is right here

That one day I went to pick up a Boss's Day Card for my new boss..... whoops. I was a little too late! Good thing he likes bourbon better than cards!

Bought myself a little pre-holiday treat! Current situation in my shower - the Pumpkin Icing one -  smells SO good!

I also picked up the new Urban Decay Vice 4 palette.... note to self -  you have enough eye shadow now. Stop it.

But now eyeliner.... you need all of that. HA. Yes, I actually considered making this purchase as this is the BEST eyeliner ever made. Obsessed. But.... a dear friend talked me off the Sephora ledge and reminded me that I would like not use all these colors and....$300 would be better spent elsewhere. Like at Nordy's Fall Clearance Sale. Yeasssssss!!!!! But look...isn't it gorgeous!

 Running in the park has been fantastic the past few weeks with all the gorgeous fall foliage - the colors are so vibrant & bright this year!

And some more sweating.... this is the best part of a run, when you are done and sweaty

 Coffee with girlfriends a few Saturdays ago.... love the hears in our lattes. That quiche was a life changer too. Yum.

 So if you are friends with me - I will text you all the funnies. Until you tell me to stop.

More of my soup kick - chicken noodle - this was made when I started feeling sick a couple weeks ago. Nasty nasty head cold :( The soup was fantastic however.

 Unfortunately this was my life for about 10 days.....

 check out the cute candy boxes I made for my team - so Martha Stewart of me and yes folks, that will be my one craft project for the decade. Happy Halloween.

LOL - true story here.... Hope you all had fun dressing up. I was drunk on my couch. Cheers!

 I love when my sister Stacy sends me mail - she is the best :)

 I did at least wear my skeleton socks to drink wine in :)

 Trying to get the full body shot to send to my BFFs in Atlanta - we have a group text that goes 24-7 for the most part for all 6 of us. It is fun to keep us connected and get input on your outfit or hair. I think this one was "doesn't my hair remind you of 10th grade?" Gotta admit I am loving that big hair is back in style ;)

 Mad props to my friend Mikele's hubby Craig - he did his own makeup - creepy!!!

My cheddar jalapeño bread that I could hardly eat..... my jalapeños are so so SO hot this year! Our jalapeño plants were out of control this year - we had so many!

This was my favorite Halloween costume this year - Get that Corn out my face! #nacholibrestylee

LOL so, I guess I pretty much wear the same thing all winter, just alternating scarves. Works for me.

Love these Kendra Scott earrings from the Mystique collection - after things calm down at work, I need to take a long lunch and visit her new shop that opened up here in St Louis. She is signature statement Southern jewelry - LOVE

 My awesome husband found this Le Creuset  dutch oven at an estate sale - we ended up getting this, three skillets and a casserole dish - all Le Creuset - for $100! this is SUCH an amazing deal.... this dutch oven alone would retail for $400. And i love the color! Thanks baby :)

 We also picked up this gem - such a gorgeous vase. I am loving all of the funky art we have picked up over the years - this is a Grecian Wedding Vase

Such a cute little meme - don't hate!

 So...after a stressful long week (this time of year, specifically last week and this coming week, are the busiest and craziest of the year, plus I have a new boss that I love but, been working a lot of extra hours) so yes after a long week - had to get in an extra hard workout Saturday. My gluteus/hammies are starting to hate me today.

Took Miss Bebe for a long walk yesterday and we both enjoyed the gorgeous weather and views - seriously one of the most beautiful falls I can remember. It is my favorite time of year and i love the crisp and chilly air. It makes me sad to think we could live someplace one day that does not have a true Fall. So for now, I will soak it up and enjoy!

 this tree! i love the bright burnt orange - like fire - love!

Bebe was actually posing for me this walk - she usually looks away when I try and snap her pic :)

That face - such a cutie!

Last night was dinner at Nick & Kristine's - what an amazing meal. Kristine is such a talented chef!

 HA - this coaster always makes me laugh. Just sing it you know you want to.

Carbonara for 50? SO GOOD!

Don't even get me started on the potatoes.... oh lord

Our attempt at using a selfie stick - i joking said "ah i wish we had a selfie stick to take a pic" and boom - Christine had one that was still in the package! This we need a little bit of practice :)

OK and with that.... I think I am caught up on the past 6 weeks. Phew! Now.... I will start updating more frequently :) My parents will be here this weekend for a short little visit - can't wait to see them! Cheers - I am going to enjoy a glass of vino before I hit the rack - laters!