Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Blog!

Hey Guys - i started a new blog - i wanted a blog that focused more on my love of wine, running & a good charcuterie plate :) - and my continual struggle to balance those out! I have been blogging here for almost 10 years - holy wow!! And there are some chapters on here that I am just ready to close and would rather not put out there. 10 years is a lot to process so - starting out fresh!

Thank you to all my readers the past decade - all 14 of you! I hope you follow me on my new journey. Check it out - I will need support on my new endeavor  :)

I am not sure if I will continue to blog here or not - I guess I will just see how it goes XOXO

Friday, April 15, 2016

Charliebear!!! :)

I have thought about blogging quite a few times but - have been consumed with all things Charlie lately :) More on that below. Here is the past couple weeks in photos....

We went on another hike with Bebe a few weekends ago - back to Castlewood Park - it was beautiful!!

It was a really fun day - Bebe loves the trails and I can't wait to take Charlie!

Spring is finally here - I wore this on the first day of Spring as it has bright cheery colors :)

with coordinating jewels as well :)

 I had a few good days with lots of steps - my goal this week is to hit my 10K step goal every day.
Took this photo after my run in the park - I am happy on the inside I promise :)

I was so sad - two items i ordered from Sephora showed up busted :( I have never had this happen before. I contact Sephora and they sent me two replacement items ASAP - great customer service :)

And Charlie came home! The first thing he did when we brought him inside is run for his food lol

He is just the cutest....

Lots of snoozing in the life of a puppy...

By day 2 I think he was pretty comfy and felt right at home ;) The foster mom gave him this little poo emoji pillow. He loves it LOL

 his paws are HUGE! Chad took him to the vet today and they said he will be around 50 lbs full grown. However, it feels like he has tripled in size in 2 weeks and - check out his paws - seriously compared to my thumb! Now....I do have small hands but.... seriously! We think more like 60-70 lbs. Time will tell!

Getting crazy with Daddy!

So our big tree in the front yard was in full bloom and Charlie was tracking in SO many of the petals! Our floors were covered for a few days in all petals :)

I celebrated a birthday - it was an awesome day :) My team has definitely noticed I have a bit of a sweet weakness ;)

I have been trying to wear my hair down more and not just do the quick messy bun thing every day. I actually had two people ask me if I got extensions. You know it's time to start wearing your hair down more when people think it is fake and had no idea you had "that much hair" :)

Rose season is upon us - this stuff is THE BOMB. Do people even say that anymore? Well anyway - this wine is amazing. Get some now. Trust.

So.... Bebe and Charlie get along so well! Bebe is such a sweet girl & very patient. Charlie is always monkeying around with her - trying to jump on her, rough house, etc and Bebe is really doing a great job with it. This makes my heart SO incredibly happy!

  I went and got Bebe some special treats as she has been so good! Love these from our local pet shop up the street - 4 Muddy Paws!

Joanne sent me some lovely sugar cookies for my birthday - these were SO good!!!! Almost to pretty to eat..... almost. Sugar cookies from Eleni's in NYC - love!

 Tried to get a snapshot of me and Charlie - this was on my actual birthday before we went out for dinner. I am wearing the earring Chad got me for my birthday - Kendra Scott - love them!!!

Is he not the cutest thing ever??

He hoards all his toys (ok and Bebe's toys too) in one corner in the living room - hilarious!

 His tongue sticks out when he is in a deep sleep - this is stupid cute

 Random photo of veggie quinoa tabouleh I made this week....loved all the pretty colors & it was really tasty. This was lunch all week.

So we've established a routine - Chad leaves for work super early in the morning. I get up with Charlie around 6am and we hang out for an hour or so before I get in the shower and get ready for work. I have also been really lucky to take some vacuum and work a home to be with Charlie. This has really helped out - he has had minimal accident in the house and he is now going to the door to let us know when he needs to go out - he has picked up on things so quickly - smart boy!

 Speaking of Kendra Scott.... back in December I broke one of my favorite pairs :( I called their customer service and if I bring the earring in - they will give me 50% off a pair. I see a trip to Kendra Scott in the near future! Thought that was better than nothing - considering it was my fault they broke.

I love this pic - Charlie is loving walks and already does so well on a leash.

 One day I worked from home in the afternoon and caught this on the TV - so cool! Artists were performing music from different David Lynch films - so so SO good! It had Lykke Li, Zola Jesus, Karen O from the YYY's, Angelo Badalamenti of course and a ton of others. Was SO cool! I would have loved to have seen this live!

And so.... life has been pretty focused on Charlie the past couple weeks. I am so in love with him! He is adorable and so good. He is already sleeping through the night and seems to be catching on to potty training so quickly. And- him and Bebe are already thick as thieves so - very very happy! Work has been MUCH more manageable lately and this past week has been so nice! Not so busy and stress level is way down. Chad and I are doing awesome and aside from having to pay a shit ton of money in taxes this year - life is awesome! I am way too tired to rant about that but - ugh totally sucks :(

I am exhausted tonight and headed to bed before 10 on this Friday night - party like a rockstar let me tell ya ;) Cheers and happy weekend to everyone!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Week of Treats!

I am so excited this morning! There is a yoga event I have been wanting to check out here in St Louis for a long time but - tickets sell out very fast. I was able to score 2 tickets this morning - yay! It is called Yoga Under the Stars and is a large group yoga class at the St Louis Planetarium - yoga under the constellations with live music - cannot wait! Check out the event here - and they are having Margaritas afterward as it is around Cinco de Mayo :) Awesome!

We are also on the countdown to adoption day for Mr. Charlie! This Wednesday is the big day - I am excited, anxious, nervous....all at the same time. Ahhh! We were able to visit him and all of his brothers and sisters last Friday - it was pure bliss! Look how big he has already grown! I am in LOVE!

Look at this sweet face!!!

Four more sleeps and he will be home.... I am going to enjoy those sleeps too because I am sure we will not be getting much sleep for a few months once he is here and we are working on house training him :)

Spring is finally here....I think. So happy my rosemary is back in action. We brought it inside for the winter and it did really well. I will be planting my other seasonal herbs here in a few weeks.

Thankfully I really don't get seasonal allergies so running outside usually does not bother me but - first outdoor run with everything blooming had my throat burning a bit the other day. Check out my cool kid running shirt :)

One of my favorite trees in the park! :)

And the hair survived another visit to the salon....I guess I have grown attached to it somewhat.

Had dinner and cocktails with my friend Laura this week..... these cocktails by the fire on the patio at Ernesto's was just what we needed! :)

Rose´ season is upon us folks! I love a nice chilled dry rose´!! Our friend Jonathan works at a cool wine bar here in STL and sent me this pic... I found the bottle in the middle and will open it later tonight. I am still searching for the bottle on the right as he said that is his fave. But - YAY ROSE´!!!

Last Saturday, Chad treated us to a beer brunch at Brasserie - which is an a really amazing french restaurant in the CWE - holy lord - I cannot convey in words how divine this experience was! The food was so so SO out of this world delicious. And the beer pairings were not so shabby either ;) Side Project - the former brewer at Perennials  brews - were exquisite :) Totally worth the million calories here.

So these potato croquette thingys - omg. It was like whipped mashed potatoes with ricotta and flash fried - omg YES.

this was Chad's favorite... the ham and croissant were so yum

We pretty much laughed and smiled our way through brunch...enjoyed every second of it!

Breakfast for brunch? Yes please - I will take four of these... this was like a brûlée or a flan consistency with vanilla bean creme fraiche  and ligonberry puree on top..... OMG. Even better than you think. Life changing!

Coffee panna cotta with chocolate granita and poached clementines on top - amazing!

Chad and I split everything and I can't wait to go back for their regular brunch! Oh and our sweet friend Justin works at Brasserie and sent a fresh eclair over to us - this had fresh raspberries inside and a chocolate balsamic glaze on top.... I did mention the million calories right?? Such a sweet gesture and it was so delicious :)

Us afterwards - bellies full and happy hearts :)

We went straight to Miss Maeve's birthday bash.... Bubble truck themed! :)

Love our sweet friends and can't believe Maeve is already 2 years old!
The bubble bus was so cool! Crazy amount of bubbles - Maevers loved it!

Goes without saying - last weekend was a fantastic one! Life is good :)

So Saturday night... this was pretty much me. Well, minus the cig. But yeah... i was DONE. After all that food and excitement, we were in bed by i think 8pm!

So at work.... the temptation has been real. Food is everywhere this month! One of my employees had a birthday this week and a coworker made her these beautiful iced sugar cookies! My biggest weakness. I stayed away all day and then.... my employee brought the last one back to me at about 3:30pm. UGH. Willpower nonexistent at this point in the day. It was delicious but - within a few bites, definite sugar rush. It was so very pretty though!

Check out the gorgeous tree in our front yard..... cherry blossoms are the best!

Last night we went to Melo's for pizza - just a few blocks from our house. It is a very tiny little place with a cute little patio and pizza is wood-fired. It was delish!

Cute little patio to the side of Melos...

And we have leftovers for all weekend :)

So wow, apparently I took pics of all the tasty food I ate this week and none of the healthy choices I made :) While I did eat a lot of veggies last week.... think I need a few less treats this week :) But hot damn, each of them were so good :) Maybe I will give up the booze for a few weeks....

Or maybe not ;) Cheers everyone! Hope you are all having equally amazing meals & experiences! more pics of Charlie to come this week!!! XOXO