Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I love a good SALE!

Confession time. I have taken full advantage of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale this week. I just can't help myself with all the good deals and WOW I almost died when I discovered they carry Kendra Scott now! LOVE!

Aren't these earring gorgeous!?

I thought these wedges would make nice late summer/early fall transition shoes for work and weekend. OMG did i just say Fall?? Yep, I am totally ready for it...

Pretty comfy too... at least for the 10 minutes I walked around in them in the kitchen ;)

Finally bought the Kendra Scott necklace I have been eyeing for quite some time.... was giddy when I saw it on sale at Nordys!

Also thought  this little delicate Dogeared necklace was sweet - Karma baby ;)

In other news - Chad and I went out to Peel this weekend - it is our favorite pizza in St Louis still....even if it is on the other side of the river.

I got the shrimp scampi pizza - it was SO good! Gulf shrimp, garlic chive butter, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil and chives. It had a lemony taste to it as well so I was loving it - will have to go back soon!

I snapped this pic of Miss Honey on Monday morning.... she was not wanting to get out of bed. I feel ya Honeybee.

Today I stopped into my favorite candy store - Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate. Home of the amazingly delicious chocolate covered strawberries. Today I was picking up some birthday treats for a friend but... once I was in there, I just had to pick up a couple sweet treats for me and Chad! Puffed molasses (called seafoam in Sarasota) and dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Going to try and make this last a few days - we shall see!

8:30 and I am ready for bed! Tomorrow is my first workout with Josh in a couple weeks... I am sure I will be feeling it all weekend - and I will need it after these treats above ;) Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Back from Ohio!

Back from my work trip to Ohio - very long week but so productive and positive. Pics in no particular order....

We took a day in-between meetings for team building at Camp Joy. It was really cool to go through problem solving & trust exercises with my peers in a non-traditional environment. I learned a lot about others...any myself! Full disclosure....I did have some concerns about the day going into it but have to admit - the process and end result was 200 times better than I anticipated - super cool! :)

One of the exercises - we had to balance 14 nails on one nail head that was in a wood block. We were able to figure it out as a team... here is our final product...pretty cool

We really lucked out on the weather - it was slightly overcast and unseasonably cool the day we were outdoors - was really a beautiful location...

 Here I am doing a trust walk across a shaky beam... there were twelve tree stumps and four wooden beams. We had to cross our team from one side of the obstacle to the other using the four beams and some rope. Only a foot or two off the ground but it felt higher! I was the first to cross.... was scary but I did it :) Yay me!

 Another obstacle we had to blindfold some of our team and guide them through a web of ropes - they could not touch the ropes or - disqualified and had to start over. We got everyone across eventually :)

 This obstacle was cool - the entire team had to travel blindfolded from point A to point B - which was about 1/2 a mile and making various turns and twists...

Panoramic shot of everyone around the fire pit for a group discussion

Final activity - we had to build a car using the currency we earned for challenges during the day - our car was constructed out of a paper cup, paper bag, straws, lifesavers and tape!

 Then we had to race other teams to get to the finish line - we made it to the final round but didn't win the big prize - still was really cool and interesting to see how people's minds worked and what everyone came up with.

 So the other two days I was there was about presenting. I tend to have anxiety when presenting in front of a large group....small meetings or one on one conversations i am fine and can talk to anyone. But.... presenting in front of everyone with all eyes on ME.... let the anxiety ensue!

The room was stadium seating so all eye on the presenter.... I had 5 minutes to present and then 3 minutes for rebuttal.

 It was cool that the podium had all of these positive stickies on it so - made me everyone feel so much better. The one about breathing was for me lol. I forget to breathe when I get anxious/nervous = me hyperventilating.

By my second presentation - there was much improvement! I felt very happy with my overall performance and felt I did a great job presenting AND learned a lot. But.... was very happy to be headed home Thursday night :)

I worked from home yesterday.... think these two missed me for sure - they were glued to me all day!

I was happy to come home and also had a nice Sephora box waiting for me - bonus! New philosophy shower gel, UD shadow primer and some Peter Roth facial masks.

Now this weekend is chill time....grilling and relaxing in our future :) Happy Saturday Everyone! XO

Monday, July 13, 2015

Honey bear and Biking

Vary happy to report that Honeybear is officially done with chemo - YAY!!! We celebrated with treats from Four Muddy Paws.... these look and smell like human cookies lol! To give some perspective - the pretzels are about the size of my palm! Big treats :)

I am so happy - she has been in good spirits and has had a lot of energy - i hope that continues

 Here is her pic at the vets with Chad - she is looking skinny here but - so happy! My sweet girl :) Cannot express how happy I am this is behind us now.

 had to return a few things at the mall this weekend so - stopped by the MAC counter - it has been a awhile but - picked up a gray palette and this brown/orangish eye shadow - love it!

 This weekend was really active - lots of running and we also went for a 16 mile bike ride on Grants Trail - it goes right by Grants Farm which is where the Budweiser Clydesdales live when they are not performing or at the brewery stables - you can see them in the back there by the red barn. I can't wait to do this trail again - was so much fun and great exercise!

 Afterwards we stopped by Perennial Brewing for a refreshing beer - this is their "Suburban Beverage" which is a goze - think a tart light beer with a dash of saltiness. Was perfect after our ride!

 It was so smoking hot yesterday...did my training run on the treadmill. Was not too bad but still very very sweaty! Earlier this week we were watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia... and caught an episode where this song was featured - super cheese! Takes me back to wedding receptions in the 90s!! :) So - uploaded it to my run list and kinda forgot about it.

 It started blasting on my last mile and made me laugh :) Definitely made the last mile much easier. And I lost my cool kid indie music card with that one!

Me post run.... still sweat like a beast even though I was inside on the treadmill, with AC and fans blowing. HOT!

 Last night we grilled and decided to make the Suburban Beverage into a margarita - upon a friends recommendation! It was really yummy - just added a shop of tequila with limes and a splash of simple syrup. Not as sweet as a normal margarita which is perfect for me. And I only needed one of these bad boys. Cheers!

This week - I am headed to Ohio for work - leaving here in a few hours and back late Thursday night. Ready to get this week over with as I am presenting in front of a large group.... which I LOVE. Ugh....I really really really hate it. Wish me luck - I will need it.  Cheers to a productive, positive and FUN week for all! xoxo

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our 4OJ Weekend

Happy 4th of July- ours was pretty low key - we decided to stay in on the actual 4th and didn't see any fireworks this year - we heard plenty around the city but - no actual firework sightings - boo!

Friday night we went out for dinner and drinks - wore one of my new dresses i picked up at Ross - i went with a coworker last week after seeing her in several cute sundresses. I picked up this one for $14! It's Express and super comfy. I was trying to get my whole outfit in a pic... LOVE this dress... also got it in black/green/white. Kinda shows off the girls a bit so this is a weekend/vaca dress ;)

After dinner we stopped for drinks at Planter's House - it is just so close to our house and such a neat bar - I will take more photos of the inside next time we are there but - delicious cocktails and awesome service/bartenders. Our bartender talked us into trying their dessert.... salted carmel ice cream sandwiched between two snickerdoodles....whaattt???? Um yes, can I have a dozen? Thank you Planter's House for making it impossible to stay on my healthy food journey ;)

Wrapped up so cute!

Split in half to share with Chad.... half the calories, half the fat, right?

Amazing amazing AMAZING! I am kinda hoping they are still on the menu next time we stop in!

My old Brighton key chain finally broke beyond repair so... picked up this new one. It is the Joan of Arc key fob from their Devotion collection - I have not been much into Brighton really ever but - I do like of lot of the pieces in this collection & their key fobs really last. I had my last one for about 6 years. Here is the front...

and the back... love the quote!

 on the 4th - we decided to bike up to Forest Park from our house and ride around the park and back home - total trip of 14.5 miles! There were some hills but really a great ride - the park is so nice & really a lot of fun!

We rode through Tower Grove .... love their crosswalks! They paint them like this for Pride weekend but, I think they should stay like this year round - love it!

 We were pretty wiped out after our ride, came home and grilled and had a low key 4OJ

Chad made awesome breakfast sammies for us Sunday morning - this was so tasty!

Sunday afternoon we went to the Cards game with Erin, Alan & Maeve - it was Miss Maeve's first Cards game! So glad we were able to experience it with her - she was really good!

This morning was a very intense workout - I was completely wiped out. Squats, rowing machine (first for me), elliptical machine sprints - I was exhausted!! I had to sit in my car for about 10 minutes to catch my breath before I could head out. The elliptical sprints were SO tough today - saved them for the last circuit and I they kicked my ASS!

 My runs have been going good also... except my shins are not happy with me. At all. I went to my running store at lunch today and picked up some Superfeet inserts - I am praying that these do the trick. I have always worn inserts in the past when I have run/trained consistently. Not sure how I forgot that :(  My girl Tiff swears by this brand and the chick at the running store seemed to agree - PLEASE work!

In fact - I am currently icing my shins as I type this.... isn't exercise awesome?? :) This week seems to be flying by quickly - I am out of town next week for work.....Ohio. Whooooo. Large group of us so, actually should be fun. Ready for this weekend - more chill time! Happy Tuesday Y'all - hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


What a crazy busy week/weekend - I am working from home tomorrow and then one more day of work and then a nice three day weekend - with no plans- YAY! I cannot wait to be lazy and do a whole lot of nothing :)

Thursday night we did a happy hour with Joanne for the Hearing Loss Association - got out a little black dress & this fun hot pink Hobo purse - oh and check out my new phone case too - love it :)

There were several service dogs at the HLAA convention but... this guy was my favorite - LaRue! He was such a sweet dog and we got to hang with him a few times over the week/weekend - he was such a good dog :)

Was so cool that the SCOTUS finally made same sex marriage legal - YAY! Very happy - and quite honestly - WTF took so long?? It was interesting that a lot of people I talked to were having to defriend/block people on FB and other social media due to obnoxious comments and opinions - but, thankfully, my feed was all full of positivity and rainbows. Speaking of which... i love the Kendra Scott earrings for Pride! Cute!!

Some other funnies from friends this week that made me laugh.... love waking up in the morning to a random meme text from one of my girls! :)

Friday night was our first Cards game of the season... fantastic weather! It was nice a cool and not hot at all. Laura went with us as well... so much fun! Thank you Joanne for the tickets!

Me & the Hubs :)

Here we are Saturday night at the final banquet for the HLAA convention....

Totally random but I am loving this gel - really holds style in humid weather AND super cheap at this big bottle for like $4.99

Sunday morning - Chad and i went to a new coffee shop - Comet Coffee. Was really cool.

Let's talk about this cookie.... oh lord was it good. I split it with Chad and let me just say....those big chocolate chips mixed with chunks of sea salt.....amazing!

And the coffee was very good also - very rich. Will be back for sure. Especially for another cookie.

I made a really awesome Thai Quinoa Salad on Sunday - i have been eating it all week for lunch so fresh, healthy and tasty! Basically you mix all of the stuff below....

And you get this.... recipe found on pinterest from foodie crush. Delish!

This may have been dinner one night for me & Joanne.... Dill triscuits are so good, just add wine, cheese and Volpi Salami... I am in heaven!

And we had some nasty weather.... gotta love it when the radar is completely orange/red. Which means BAD STUFF headed our way.

Workout was killer this morning. Burpees & squats at 6am is no fun. But I did it! Cray hair and all :)

I am absolutely exhausted tonight.... i can barely type so please excuse the lack of witty cute comments. Training run tomorrow so - off to bed I go! Night!