Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Tree is UP

Christmas tree is up! :) Nothing makes me happier than seeing our tree all lit up...and this year our tree is all 100% Christopher Radko ornaments. So cool! Next year I want to put up two trees... one in our front room and one in our living room.... will have an overflow tree for my new Radkos :)

 Chad gave me an early Christmas present... a new Radko - checker cab stylee :) This is so funny, as I said this year as we were decorating that we needed a checker cab one.... he had already bought this one for me lol - great minds :)

I love it - so cool! And I love early Christmas presents haha

I had to snap pics of some of my favorites that I have not shared on this blog before.... one of my many sugar skulls there and I just love the little halloween themed pumpkin head pirate to the left there - so cute! And of course a big Santa to the right.... he is one of my biggest Radkos

Fleur de Lis from Joanne - so perfect for our area in St Louis - and for my D-lo's heritage :) this one is huge - like the size of my hand...

Gotta love the patriotic cowboy boots from D-lo :) I always hang these near the top!

Chad surprised me with this vintage Radko over the summer - he picked it up at an estate sale - true vintage Radko - love it!

Love the jingle bells.... i have had this one forever and it is one of my favorites...

The charity ornaments are always gorgeous - this one was for aids awareness from Joanne - love it!

D-lo loves to give me the traditional Christmasy ones - I was telling Chad I may need to swing more that way for a bit as I have about six skulls on my tree this year :) what can I say I love the sugar skulls!

This is one of my faves - the patriotic heart :)

OK - i won't bore everyone with a pic of every ornament but.... I really could go on for a few hours!

So - with all my last minute shopping, I have been blowing up my Amazon Prime account!! Online gifts for everyone this year.... I bought my Mom this beautiful Simon Sebbag bracelet - and it was on sale at Nordy's....whooo! Love it

I think we just have a few gifts to get on Saturday and other than that....done! Now to start wrapping.... oh how I wish Tiffany lived closer - she is so awesome with wrapping and I seem to mangle things so that it looks like a five year old lost a battle with glitter and a roll of scotch tape. Ah well it's the thought that counts right??

Oh and I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup Monday night that totally cured the cold I felt coming on.... it was so easy, used chicken stock that Chad made from scratch and it absolutely cured my cold!

This week is flying and I am so looking forward to Friday... Glass Animals!!! And the show is right across from Sanctuaria - could i ask for a better Friday date night?? I will take pics for sure :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Home Sweet HOME!

Hello out there!! :) Cannot tell you how damn skippy happy I am to be HOME! I know I say this often but the past month has truly flown by in a blur. I cannot believe Christmas is about 10 days away!!

So after Thanksgiving, I was in our Lake Mary office for two weeks for training - it was a good time but again..... so very happy to be home. I was really home sick! I will share my pics starting three weeks back with Thanksgiving :)

Puppy treats for the girls - these were literally the size of my forearm - they were very thankful :)

New couch! Chad and I are in love - we have wanted a sectional for a few years now and found this one on sale - it is so super comfy! Thanks Chad for treating us :)

 Already had a couple snows - this one ended up being just a dusting but - was very pretty and the snow fell all day!

 Chad and I had the traditional Thanksgiving Oatmeal Cookie Shot at our only local establishment open on Thanksgiving Day..... 1860 Saloon! Yummm!

 My niece posted this pic on FB - my Mom decorating her tree with a little help :) I talked to my Dad last night and he said she really outdid herself this year - took her a week but the tree is up and gorgeous - hard to tell just how big the tree is here but my brother in the pic below is over 6 foot if that give you a point of reference - big tree!!

So we celebrated our Turkey day the Saturday after Thanksgiving - we call it Friendsgiving as we have a houseful of family and friends here :) I was awful at getting pics :( This is really the only pic of the turkey I got - still in it's brine but wow, Chad did a really awesome job this year - was amazing!

Justin was here with his girlfriend - who I got to meet for the first time - loved her! So sweet :) We had lots of wine and girl talk - was a great visit.

The day after Friendsgiving we went down to the antique shops on Cherokee for a stroll... me and Chad :)

 The four of us posing :)

Justin, Joanne and Chad :)

 We checked out the Union Station Hotel Downtown - Joanne is hosting an event here this summer - look how gorgeous they were decorated for the holidays - love this tree!

 So pretty much the next day after our Friendsgiving - I had to head out of town for training :( I was really dreading the trip - being out of town at the holidays for two weeks in a row did not sound fun at all....

One of the girls I shared a rental with, I did not know at all.... I was waiting for her in the Orlando airport - she text me this description of herself.... it made me giggle

She was a very sweet, cool girl :)

One of the highlights of my trip.... access to all different Polar water flavors!! They do not distribute to STL so - this made me happy beyond words! The pomegranate and orange vanilla were so good!! Think the orange vanilla was my fave! If my suitcase was not already over the weight limit on my trek back - I totally would have packed some!

So one thing about claims people - we work hard, play hard, drink a lot! This was not my drink of choice but quite a few of the ladies I hung with the past 2 weeks - this was their jam! Cotton candy martinis :)

 See my feet.... traded in my boots for flip flops for the 2 weeks I was there.... I really was not happy about this at all :( Sorry but it is just not Christmas when you are wearing flip flops in my book!!

Night out after intense training.... me in back with a beer bigger than my head :)

There was a World of Beer within walking distance from our hotel - it was cool but, I am very spoiled here in St Louis - we get so many awesome beers here! But - was still cool to go and, introduce new beers to some of the peeps I was there with - fun times

Over the weekend - I drove to Sarasota as it was only about a 2 hour drive. I got to spend the weekend with Joanne! Was so much fun and she made this amazing orzo salad - I am going to try to replicate it at home soon - it was fantastic with pesto, toasted almonds, celery, carrots, craisins, herbs, etc..... this tasted so good after eating out at restaurants for a week straight....

Saturday night Joanne hosted a party at her house for the downtown Sarasota Christmas Parade - lots of good food, wine and fun people! Here are Joanne's famous lamb chops that Chad loves - they were so delish!

I got to spend a lot of time talking with one of Joanne's friends that is a film professor - she introduced me to this site letterboxd - I have not set up my profile yet but can't wait to do it - we both liked the same kind of films - dark and depressing :) So she made many many good recommendations for me!

 It was a beautiful moon over downtown Sarasota that night - gorgeous!

Couple shots of the parade.... we went back up for more wine before Santa made his appearance :)

Joanne sent these back with me to give to Chad - his Oma used to give him these caramel cookies when he was a kid - the are delicious!

 the next day - Joanne took me to my favorite restaurant in Sarasota - The Columbia - holy lord this is the best salad & cuban on the planet!!

Us on the patio at The Columbia :)

Then we checked out a holiday art show - crafty kitchy alternative holiday art show! Atomic Holiday Bazaar... was awesome! Loved this cute t-shirt....

Fell in love with this skull and ended up bringing her home with me - meet Rosa :)

 Back to Lake Mary for more training.... which also meant lots of drinking at night :) Rum buckets for everyone!

Two of my coworkers....

This was the oddest place - the Swamp House - it was literally in the middle of a trailer park - what??? Good rum buckets though although I only had a sip and stuck to my pinot grigio :)

 Here was our group shot - i love this one as everyone looks so confused - too much rum!

Back at the candy cotton martini bar....

I did manage to get a few workouts in - I ran for the first time in a bit - was a killer! Def need to get back to it on a regular basis - my sweaty post run selfie

 And yep.... good thing I did get a few runs in... we discovered this cupcake bakery right next to our office! They had a boston creme cupcake - what???

A cannoli on top of a cupcake? Yes please!

So... after two weeks of rum buckets and cupcakes - I am so very happy to say I'M HOME!! Was a fun two weeks but - lots of info, knowledge overload and stress as well. And, I just could not get in the Christmas spirit with the warm Florida weather & flip flops! It was so surreal to see Christmas trees, Santas, lights, mistletoe, etc.... and then walk out into warm air. Weird!!! I also was stressed out as I did not have time to put up our tree before I left.... felt like Christmas was slipping by me

Here is what I woke up to my first morning home - pile of dogs in the bed! Made me so happy :) Missed these girls like crazy!

Missed Chad and the girls so much - I could not wait to get home - thankfully flights were right on time and travel home was pretty flawless! I also came home to some "Merry Christmas to me" gifts I ordered for myself.... with all my traveling for work these days, i just had to get the Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette! And I know I will wear the hell out of these Kendra Scott earrings - 
love the black on gunmetal!

 Yesterday - was the Bourbon County Stout Vertical event at iTap - 2011 through 2014
I must say 2012 was my jam! So delicious and was a great way to see lots of friends after a long two weeks away from home! Good times :)

Me & Erin :) Missed this girl!!

Yesterday Chad and I picked out our Christmas tree at Ted Drewes.... I almost cried when we went to Lowes and it was slim pickings!! But - we ventured over to Ted Drewes and they had lots of beautiful trees to pick from - I think this will be our new holiday tradition for our tree! Now today is decorating mode! Oh and maybe unpacking/laundry day too... 8 more days of work for me and then I am off for 11! whooooo!!!!! :) Did I mention how happy I am to be back home??