Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy Weekend!

This week has been low key - lots of early morning  workouts, healthy meals at home and early nights to bed - our new routine and it feels great. I don't even mind when the alarm goes off at 4:30/4:45 - never thought I would ever say that! It does make the days I get extra sleep 
(like the weekends) such a luxury!

The weather has been an absolute dream lately - definitely not the norm for July in St Louis - it is usually in the upper 90s and extremely humid - ugh. The 70 degree weather has been fantastic!!

This has resulted in a lot of grilling on our back patio :) Loved this meal - we split a strip & all our sides are from our CSA veggies - love all the little tomatoes we get in our share :)

 I am obsessed lately with this guac I found at Costco - it's called Good Foods Tableside Chunky Guacamole and is so good! I have been eating it as a dip with baby carrots but really have been eating it all week with pretty much everything. SO GOOD! I saw online that sometimes they sell it in individual 80 calorie servings - i hope I see those soon as that sounds perfect for snacking

Flank steak tacos we grilled this week - yep, there is some guac on there :)

 Lots of workouts this week - trying to do 5x a week of something active. I do two private sessions with Josh and then a group class he teaches on Friday mornings - and then usually a Saturday or Sunday workout. I am going to try to squeeze a run in today as we are going out tonight to a new Cajun restaurant with friends and... I think a shrimp po boy is calling my name :)

Here is a post workout selfie... i sweat so much during my training - just pours off of me. I've done battle ropes twice this week and yep.... my shoulders are talking to me today! I work this tshirt from St Pat's a couple years ago - Erin's family t'shirt - it says "Irish I Was Drunk" - proper workout attire I think ;)

Me exhausted after finishing a workout with battle ropes.... these things are the devil I tell ya. I am not exaggerating when I say how much I sweat - entire head soaked - gross but so rewarding :) Sweat is fat crying, right??

I pulled down some old cookbooks off the shelf this week - found a few recipes to try.... may make these tomorrow for breakfast, we will see....sound so good!

 Now this picture is not pretty at all but, I made skinnytaste's Southwest Turkey Meatballs with Creamy Cilantro Dipping Sauce - recipe is here on her site - these were so good! I think I still prefer the Asian Turkey Meatballs on skinnytaste but - these were pretty damn good... the dipping sauce is so good and, can also use it as a salad dressing or dip for veggies - yum! You basically throw cilantro, tomatillos, garlic, green onion, buttermilk, lowfat mayo, greek yog & cumin in a blender and boom - you are done. Recipe is here - light, tangy & perfect for summer

 As I am waking up so early most days and trying to be healthy in general - limiting my alcohol during the week. It really makes my Friday night wine taste so much better!  I have been dreaming of this glass of wine all week :) Cheers!

Today - I am going to try and stop by the farmers market after picking Laura up at the airport here in a few. Also squeeze a run/workout in and get to the mall if possible... may be a bit ambitious as we are going out to dinner tonight kinda early but - we shall see! Happy Weekend!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Sunday - week in pics...

The past week has been awesome - first thing first, very happy to say that Chad secured a job on base with DISA - yay! So proud and happy for my hubs - all his hard work & discipline to further his education and get the job he wanted paid off :) He starts at the end of July and we are both so happy! It will be good to have both of us on a normal 9 to 5 weekly routine and I know positive things will come with this - so so so stoked!

Lots of fun this week....catch up via my iphone pics again... hopefully I will find time soon to get back to normal blogging a few times a week again soon too...

This salad was so good - very basic ingredients, very easy & fresh - in fact making this again today. Thank you Skinny Taste - recipe here on her site for Spiralized Greek Cucumber Salad with Lemon & Feta. And I love the spiralizer I bought - so fun :)

Also whipped up some lemon hummus this week - picture is not so great but SO good!

Also used my new popsicle molds - I tried these Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt Pops from pinterest - recipe here via  - these were so tangy, creamy & lemony - loved them! I do want to try a chocolate popsicle of some sort this week but, these were perfect healthy summer treats.

 I treated myself to a new Radko this week.... I just love non-traditional ornaments and this was so cool I could not resist Mr Dead! We will either need a bigger tree this year or.... a second one :)

Trying to use our veggies from the CSA - here is a zucchini & squash bake with fresh herbs and cheese - so good, especially with some marinara on top - good summer side.

Thursday night we scored free tickets to the Cards game - our first of the season. It was hot hot hot and we ended up losing (boooo) but - of course we still had a great time and we had amazing seats!

View from our seats - watch out for foul balls!

Chad went to the gym with me Friday and did the elliptical while I did a class that my trainer led. Wow - it was an ass kicking. We finished the workout with farmer walks the length of the basketball courts & a 25 lb plate circuit - once we finally finished I was a sweaty, out of breath hot mess on the gym floor. Here is our post-workout selfie :) My sister is now sending me her post-workout selfies too - i love it!

Last night was amateur rastling in Soulard - always a fun time although, NO AC in the joint last night and summer is in full force here in the Lou - was so freaking hot in there! We left a little early as we were sweaty!

 Oh and Les won a fry daddy.... night complete! I fully expect crispy fried toasted ravs at Mardi Gras next year!

This morning is a lazy Sunday... slept in and didn't get out of bed until 10! Gotta enjoy those days as tomorrow wake up call will be 4:40am for the gym - UGH! Look at how sweet Bebe looks... Makes me almost forget about her eating Chad's half bag of peanuts (shell and all) that was leftover from Thursdays' baseball game and then puking them up :)

Today is laundry, food prep, gym, grocery & then chillax night - I have been looking forward to tonight for several weeks - Ray Donovan starts back up again tonight - whoooooo!!! :) Happy Sunday - hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4OJ & Catch up!

Thank goodness, my back is almost 100% recovered - last week at this time I was in severe pain. Ugh. I was able to work out Wednesday of this week and I have been using my foam roller a lot to help relax my back - it is amazing! I wish I had discovered it years ago... it really is a life saver if you have a sore back, plantar fasciitis, or any sore muscles period. I picked mine up at TJMaxx for about $15 and highly recommend it.

I worked out this morning as well but.... well, let's just say maybe that wine last night was not such a good idea after all :) I was feeling a wee bit faint and pukey about 25 minutes in and had to call it a day. Josh was cool about it but let's just say - lesson learned! I will never drink the night before a workout again :) He promised we would make up for it Monday which kind of scares me ha! Oh and great news we talked today about nutrition and what I eat...he thinks I am not eating enough. I currently am trying to stick to around 1200 calories a day...he said this is not enough and I should be getting around 2000 calories. I am not going to lie - I did a happy dance when he said that - 800 extra calories is a lot!! :)

So....catch up on the past week via pics in my phone...

Last Saturday we went to our friend Les' place - he had a courtyard party with all his neighbors - grilled out, played cornhole, watched the younger kids do beer bongs (ha!) and then watched one of those kids eat a raw pork kabob by mistake - all in all was a fun Saturday! :)

Will & Chad playing Cornhole.... i had never heard of this game until moving to STL, I think it is a midwest thing?

Justin & Les.... yes Les knows how creepster his 'stache is, and he loves it. Oddly enough, so do the ladies. Weird.

Sunday was Pride! Erin and I did the 5K - I had to walk it and forgot my earphones - I must say walking the 5K totally sucked. I don't understand why anyone would do that - it is much more fun to run back was not having it. Loved our Pride Antennas :)

Miss Maeve was all dolled up for the parade! Loved her rainbow headband.... so so so adorable.

Love this shot - burlesque girls & loved the guy with the bear hat on there in front of us - he had on a leather corset, a beer belly hanging below the bottom of the corset & the bear hat - gotta love Pride!

Guys being goofy at the Parade.....well Alan anyway ;)

Wednesday night we went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens...every week during the summer they have a free concert & you can bring chairs, picnic baskets & your adult beverage of choice. We met up with friends and had a great time.... the weather has been an absolute dream this week & was even a bit cool this night. So unusual for July in the Lou - love it! We will be doing this again soon - it was a total blast!

 Yesterday for the 4th - we decided to keep it low key - last weekend and all this week has been busy busy so, really just needed a weekend of no plans and chillaxing - yesterday we hung out with Will on Nadine's patio for a bit and drank a couple of these.... 'Merica!

We came back to our house & lit the three bottle rockets we had left over from a few 4OJ's ago... love this pic as I have my glass of wine while I light fireworks...keepin it classy! ;)

Now today.... we are grilling out, I am going to make a bunch of yummy food & trying some new recipes - also going to try my new slicer to make cucumber "noodles" - such a nerd as I am way excited about this - Happy Fourth to Everyone!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Weeekend :)

Happy Saturday! First of all - happy birthday to my sweet Miss Tiff! I sent her a birthday package to Navarre as she will be there all week for her bday and 4OJ - wish I was there with her, toes in the sand and a beer in hand :)

But...exciting news - I just booked my trip to NYC to spend a long weekend there with her! Will be so much fun, already making lots of fun plans while we are there.... I want to run in Central Park, eat pizza and see a play or musical. Other than that I am game for anything - cannot wait! That will be in late July.

Pic of our CSA share this week.... i see slaw in our future this week as there is a lot of cabbage! I have never cooked with fennel so, not exactly sure what to do with that. I have an awesome zucchini/squash casserole recipe and will be roasting the beets (yum!) - I do love how it forces me to try new veggies and recipes.

Made an old fave this week - grilled chicken gyros with greek yogurt tzatziki - so freaking good

Lots of work outs this week.... I am at the point now where I am not incredibly sore after my workouts...but still kicking my ass! I am so proud of myself for waking up SO early and giving it 110% - I am doing things in my workouts that I never thought I would be able to do - and I am only on week 3! Battle ropes, minute and a half wall sits with 45 lbs, farmer walk the length of a basketball court twice with 90 lbs, etc etc etc! I am starting to see results and slight changes in my bod - makes me feel so good!

Sunrise right before walking into the gym - so pretty!

I snapped this selfie to send to my sisters so they could see how SWEATY i get post workout - it is amazing to me how much I sweat....seriously rolling off of me and my entire head is just soaked with sweat....attractive & sexy right?? :)

All that working out has resulted in some early early bedtimes for us this week. One night, we were in bed before the sun had even set.... wild party animals I tell ya

Aaaaand last night, while doing absolutely nothing, I bent down to open a drawer and felt my back pop/give.... so last night was spent on the couch with ice.... and a few glasses of wine!

 I am still having some pain today so, more ice and likely more wine tonight ha! It is the weekend :) But I already emailed Josh and let him know I may not make Monday's workout..may have to bump it out to Wednesday. I am so so SO mad but.... rest, advil & ice. I am still going to do the Pride 5K tomorrow but... it may be more of a walk for me versus a run :( boooooo! Back pain just BLOWS!

On a completely random note... I am obsessed with grapefruit lately... having weird cravings for it

Oh and I am also obsessed with this song as well.... so sexy, love it - Gooey by Glass Animals

Happy Weekend!! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

busy busy!

I have had plans of blogging every day lately but... either busy or when I finally sit down to get on the laptop....too tired to blog. Busy busy past week...lots of working out :) I am loving my training sessions...if you have ever thought about doing this for yourself, go for it. It is so motivating and challenging - I love it! I love taking a selfie after I work out, of me sweaty and gross & sending to Erin and Laura, or my sisters. It cracks me up! Here are a couple from this week..... so so funny to me

ha haaa! this cracks me up.... i always look so angry and pissed off! honestly, this is just pure exhaustion...and waking up at the ass crack of dawn to sweat!

I was trying to explain to my sister how cracked out I look on my drive home from the hair is soaked at the roots from sweat but frizzy on the ends... I drive home like this while guzzling water and panting. I love the crazy looks I get at red lights :) I think people wonder if I am cracked out! is it weird that I find this so amusing... I think the fact that I am delusional from my workout contributes to my mental state also! It also makes me thankful that I have ladies in my life that find these humorous as well :)

So what else has been going on? Lots of healthy meals at home... if fact i was going through my pinterest healthy recipe board and damn... I really  need to try some of the recipes I have pinned! I get stuck on the same recipes sometimes as they are quick easy and old faves... like this one - our char chicken tacos w/ guac & black bean pico.... so damn good

We stayed in Saturday night and grilled steak - did veggie sides - was delicious! Yep that is cottage cheese on my potato... I love doing that in place of sour cream - so yummy!

We had storms Saturday night.... as you can see Honey was extremely freaked out.... ummm not really. But trust me Bebe was freaked out enough for all of us.

I nerded out and bought this new julienne peeler so I can make some of these zucchini and cucumber noodles I keep seeing! Can't wait to try this out....hopefully it lives up to the reviews on Amazon

Check out sweet Miss Maeve... met her, Erin & Laura for coffee Saturday morning.... she is all decked out for the World Cup! Love this :)

 And so... with that I am off to bed. Chad and I ran tonight and i am zonked. Very happy that I ran tonight so I can snooze an extra hour in the morning - yay! Then up early Thurs/Fri for my workouts... this Sunday is the Pride 5K! I will take lots of pics and try to have something exciting to post! Night all!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Staying on the Healthy Path

So happy - finally got my ride back today - yay! I was so sick of driving that rental - yuck. Revisited a great recipe tonight - Santa Fe Turkey & Black Bean Stuffed Peppers from - love this recipe and.....much much tastier this time as I correctly used cumin instead of cinnamon by mistake  (this happened last time - whoopsie)...added a spoonful of guac on top and these were amazing - will be making again soon

Checking flights for a possible girls weekend with Miss Tiff....whoo!!! Nothing set yet but, we are brainstorming for this particular weekend... more to come

Saw this on my Instragram feed.... i am so so so addicted to my Instacrack account - follow me here if you aren't already :) love it.... I follow this person for inspiring quotes and this one I really loved...

Been very active this week....Josh kicked my ass Monday morning! I am loving it, it is really challenging but I feel so accomplished afterwards - after our workout Monday, I had to lay down on the couch for a good 20 minutes before I even had energy to shower - INTENSE!! I have also run twice this week and - so excited that Chad has joined me. Today was my off day and I joined Chad for a walk/jog on a whim - ended up running just under 3 miles (whooo!) ...although I didn't have my good running shoes on so hoping I didn't get shin splints - as that would suck

Not bad for my fitbit activity today :) yes, I will take all the calories I can get, please & thank you!

And after all that today - I am exhausted and ready for bed. I know I am going to sleep like a champ tonight....night all!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Workout 1 in the books :)

Had my first session with my trainer Josh - it was so awesome! I was slightly anxious as I know I am not in the best shape right now....was worried I would pass out, throw up, hyperventilate...or all three! But, it went really well - I did much better than I anticipated & it made me feel really great to get through it. We did squats, lunges, worked with kettle bells, planks, etc....and I gotta say that the sweat was pouring off of me! Totally made waking up at 4:45am worth it :)

Me post workout....can't really see how sweaty I am but damn! Trust me I was drenched with sweat

As expected I was sore as hell the next day, and even worse Saturday...was a good hurt though, I forgot what that feels like! Back at it tomorrow morning - excited!

Friday night we hit the St Louis Brewers Guild Heritage Beer Fest at Forrest Park - we scored free passes from a friend - sweet! The weather was absolutely perfect - usually it is so dang hot when we are at beer fests it seems but, Friday's weather was amazing :)

Oh! And I was so excited that Gioia's food truck was at the fest as I have been wanting to try this deli forever - I split a hot salami sandwich with our friend Justin & oh my YUM! Was so delish....we will be going to their actual shop in the Hill soon!

Kristine & me enjoying our pours :)

Happy Sunday Funday & finally....happy Father's Day to my amazing father - love you Dad!