Monday, August 10, 2015

Back from the Beach :) Happy Birthday D-lo!

What a week - i am off today but really need a few more days to recover from our vacation :) It was so wonderful to spend time with my parents and family but - very exhausting!  All of the family was there except for my brother Tom and his family - they actually started school last week in Atlanta so they were not able to make it (booo) - Here are my vaca pics in complete random order...

My brother in law took family photos for us on the beach - we all wore my Mom's favorite color - blue!  Me, Dad, Mom & Chad :)

My Dad is smiling on the inside - really - lol

Here is a group shot on Mom's actual birthday - we all wore matching t-shirts and leis :)

Here is the back of the shirts - love!

View from the balcony.... not bad!

Here is our beach house - it was beautiful!

I am happy to report - no sunburn and very little color! My goal when I am at the beach is to spend as much time in the sun with as little sun damage as possible.... I am so very fair! So... under the umbrella i sit with a hat and my SPF 100 :)

Me and D-lo under our umbrella

One of my Dad's legendary fruit trays :) He makes the best!

I was in heaven with these double ovens.... I always tease Chad that our next kitchen will have double ovens for sure!

 I made six loaves of sausage bread for everyone on my Mom's birthday - was quite the production both times I cooked for everyone but - so worth it - this breakfast was yummy!

 Mom, me and Jess...

 Mom, Dana and me

another day on the beach - gotta have the toes/sand/ocean gratuitous photo!

Rhett & Colten - loved spending time with them this past week :)

Rick & Mom - Dlo wore a "birthday girl" ribbon on her birthday :) happy 80th Mom!

Mykla, Amanda, Mom, me and Gabe - my nephew brought a selfie stick and I was super excited about it lol

Me, Stacy & Jess

We decided to take an ice cream break and walked down to this little ice cream shop - Island Ice Cream - it was AMAZING!!! I could have gone back everyday but.... only scarfed it down one day

Me and Stacy being goofy

Mykla, Rick & me

This is a framer! Love this pic of my parents ... Finally captured my Dad's smile :)

 My Mom loves the beach - they decided to stay a week longer after everyone left - i know they are enjoying another week at the ocean

We ate a lot of great seafood while we were there of course.... the shrimp here were so tasty!

Gabe and his girlfriend Amanda - was so happy to spend time with both of them this week

 the kiddos patiently waiting for cake.....

Little Dawn and Kayla - my sister Mykla's kiddos

 Rhett, Dana and the boys! Dana is expecting their fourth in January... fingers crossed for a healthy baby girl!

 My Mom's cake  loved all the photos on there - they were edible! the one in the middle is a photo of my Mom's first communion :)
 Beach time with Dad

 We stayed down on the beach every day until at least 5pm - love just watching the waves

 The house also had a private pool - which was so nice to have! Here is my nephew Colten - such a doll! I could just steal him :)

Chad has limited time off so he joined us Wednesday night - was so happy when he arrived :)

Family meal out!

The boys made a baseball diamond out of sand and everyone had a blast playing beach ball :)

 Me and Dlo!

My brother Dane and his girls


My nephews Cain and Gabe

Chad and Miss Brinkley! She is my niece Kallie's BFF and fit right in with our family this week :)

this is my sister Dawn's kids and their kids - love this photo!

Chad and Mom - another framer!

 Me and my niece Katie!

the night I made dinner - I also picked up some key lime pies from Publix! I forgot how good these are :) I miss you Publix!

Me and my sister Mykla

 My brother's girlfriend Deanna!

the jellyfish were out of control this week! the kid had about 7 buckets FILLED with them.... ugh!!

I had to pick up some koozies from the Flora-bama bar! these are so cool as they have bottle openers built in - genius!!!

Chad and the boys :)

Chad and i spent Saturday in Pensacola/Navarre/Ft Walton area - we went for breakfast at this place on Pensacola Beach - Native Cafe - it was a really good breakfast, cute place

 This was a new place (new since Chad moved) next to Coaster's in Ft Walton - KC's - it was a block of beach in the city - cute idea and I liked their little beach bar theme - was fun

Chad was able to spend time with some old friends - Jay & Chad - we went to a bar across the street - Salty Dick's?? I think that was it - we had a blast playing bags and life-size Jenga

Mighty impressive game of Jenga!!!!

We stayed in Navarre beach that night and met Chad's friends Colten & Regina and their lovely daughters at Helen Back Pizza - I got no pictures :( but - it was great to catch up with them and also to have some awesome Helen Back Pizza! Yesterday was a lovely 12 hours in the car and now today - I am just relaxing - well grocery, laundry and relaxing in between :) Happy to be home!