Monday, September 29, 2014

Selfie Crazy

i am still in shock at just how fast time is flying lately - October is just a day away - what?? Crazy! And our vaca to the Bahamas is just a few weeks away - YAY!  The past week has been a whirlwind.... so will just share my pics aka lazy blogging :) And let me give you fair warning... i went selfie crazy this past week apparently

Got a few runs in as my workouts with Josh went by the wayside - either I was busy or he was but, we are back on track now :) Here is me after my run.... lookin like a boss tho in head to toe costco...had to throw that Workaholics quote in - love my workout tank from Costco :)

Chad and I babysat Miss Maeve Saturday night...Erin said she would not wake up. Ummm yeah, she did. Like 20 mins after they left! Thank goodness Chad's so good with her :) She is such a doll & Chad is a natural! I drank wine :)

Brunch with my ladies & Walter Sunday... isn't he cute!

Wednesday night, went to a charity event at Meyer's Grove.... must admit the huge draw was the MAC giveaways :) Laura hit it big and won a HUGE basket full of goodies. Totally jealous!

 MAC brushed up our makeup - I really want to go in for a full makeover as it has been a few years since I did that. I could spend hours at the makeup counter :)

Me, Laura & Roma  - very fun night!

Loved my outfit this day - good fall outfit :)

Was so excited as I got to spend Friday and Sunday night with these two :) My friend Heather from college came through STL for family reasons - was so happy to spend some time catching up, reminiscing and getting to know her man Charlie. Such good peeps and I love old friends that you can go years without physically seeing but - it's like you never miss a beat when you reunite - love!
She is living in LA and composing movie scores now - so cool & very proud of her!

Me & Chad at dinner with Heather and Charlie...

 Saturday I finally worked out with Josh after about 10 days off due to my TX trip and hectic schedule as of late.... let's just say I was smiling here's the second day since my workout and I am still feeling those squats and lunges....OUCH

Told ya I went selfie crazy... this was before food truck fest Saturday at 4Hands

Love all my bracelets I had on this day too... made me think of Miss Tiff :)

Us at the Shanti - hung with Will after Food Truck Fest - damn Saturdays go by way too fast :(

Very very busy past few weeks! Exciting changes at work coming up but still a bit too early to say - I will try and blog about it later this week. My parents were supposed to come this weekend but had to cancel as my Dad has a bad cold - boooo :( I am disappointed of course but, guess we need a weekend to chill & just go with the flow... looking forward to sleeping in already!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Home from TX

So happy to be home - it was a fun trip but crazy hectic! Here is my week in pics :)

Trip started off on an interesting foot...haha. Random creeper in airport flagged me down to tell me "excuse me miss - but you have beautiful feet - what size do you wear? 7.5??" ......uhhhhh - what do you say to that? Yikes - I smiled and slinked away. Really creepy as yes, I sure do wear a size 7.5! What can I say - I am a weirdo magnet.

Good news for all of my 90's goth kids....Creepers are back in! haha - this totally cracked me up on the plane...thanks InStyle!

love my Mom's wine fridge - I may need one of these in my life :)

Wine time at D-lo's house is 4pm...

Cheers! Our first "wine time" of the weekend...

I was able to get three runs in on my trip - go me!

One was in a cool drizzle and felt awesome - 4 miles YAY!

Wine time round 2 ;)

LOL this cracked me up.... texts b/t me and my sister over college football HA - the UGA/SC game made me angry to say the least ;) For those of you not familiar with SEC football - SC's mascot is a gamecock...haha pretty lame right? Yep especially when they beat us :(

My beautiful Mom - this is her champagne with brunch - she put watermelon in hers - was delish!

I ran to the store in Tyler to grab stuff for dinner and WHAT??? They sell Janie Cakes in the grocery store now - oh wow! I would be in big trouble... way too tempting to grab once a week - Chad's favorite too - Italian Jane!

ahhhh - my happy place - wine on the back patio

post run pic with Miss D-lo - love her so much :) Mom said she loved to watch me run and see my ponytail swing - reminded her of when i was little - awww, i almost cried when she said that :)

Mom loved my work outfit  - wore this to the Tyler agent show - I wasn't sure about the shoes but D-lo loved them ;)

Hello San Antonio - Prickly Pear Margarita on the Riverwalk - was so good after a long day

Gratuitous Alamo Selfie.....

Tired me in Austin - such a crazy whirlwind week

Got to spend time with these monkeys - my little nephews are the sweetest... I wanted to take them home!

Back in Tyler before my flight out - had to stop by Janie's for Chad... yum!

picked up a lemon and a java chip poundcake - the smaller sizes so we don't eat as many calories ha! right....  I got major wife brownie points for this :)

Stopped into Cole's to check out the Radkos.... love love love this store!

I wanted to get a more "christmasy" ornament this time as my last couple have been non-traditional sugar skulls - I went with Lone Star Santa - loved the TX flag and yellow roses - kinda Kenny Rodgers-esque ya think?

Me and BTW - we laughed afterward at this pic - he looks so thrilled to be taking a pic with me ha

My awesome husband surprised me with this gift when i got home - a rosegold MK watch.  He hid it on my jewelry rack so when I was unpacking my jewelry I spied it! Guess he was not a fan of my NYC knock off lol - such a sweet hubby! Love it!

Last night we went out to Olio for dinner and drinks - my wine was so delicious - '12 Benanti Carricante - so lemony and acidic and dry - perfect white wine!

And they had an amazing speck sammy with lemon preserves and gruyere - SO GOOD!

And the kale salad was delicious too - i think i ate a pound of kale last night - was lemony with sharp cheese and breadcrumbs - heavenly!

I bought myself a little present right before I left and they came in the mail while I was gone - Kendra Scott earrings - I am in love with these - so simple and chic - love!

Happy to be home and relaxing today...although I know this weekend is going to go by way too fast already....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall is Almost Here :)

Been so busy lately - it has been hard to make time to blog! I had to switch my workout times to evenings so - makes the weeknights much more hectic and not as much lounge time. I have to say, I do enjoy working out in the morning better - it is nice to get it out of the way for the day. But- evenings are good too - I can really start to see a difference in my body - better arm definition, lifting heavier weights, better endurance, and my skinny jeans are fitting right again :) I signed up for 2 races in October so - pretty excited about that....

Working from home this afternoon and things have slowed a bit so - squeezing in a quick blog

First off - i am so ready for fall!! I am very happy that football has finally kicked off - both college and NFL - although damn those Bears killed me on Sunday :( rough start! Ah well - guess that is a big part of being a bears fan. Anyway - yay for fall being on the way. In fact tonight we have storms coming through and tomorrow's high is supposed to be in the 60's with temps dipping into the 50's! whoooo love it! Never too early to break out the seasonal shower gel.... this smells amazing!

Aaaaaannnnd my favorite seasonal cookie is back at Panera - I treated myself on a workout day as this badboy has 450 calories and 21 grams of fat - yikes. Definitely a treat and not a few times a week occurrence!

This past Saturday, Chad and I volunteered at a beerfest out in OFallon IL - right near our old house in IL. It was such a fun time - great beerfest put on by GlobalBrew, similar to iTap concept on the other side of the river. There was a lot of good beer there and everyone was so friendly. I chatted people up and made beer suggestions with peeps while Chad poured :) We made a good team!

The tshirt guy was in our office recently and I stocked up.... got a cute Cards hoodie, Bears t-shirt and a bedazzled Blues tshirt :) Oh and I saw this camo Cards hat on a girl the other day and thought it was pretty cute. Not really into camo but - this really is a cute hat!

Tonight I am meeting a work friend for dinner, Heather. We both have been at the company forever and used to work together in Atlanta. She is my friend that her daughter is now in remission from leukemia. Can't wait to catch up with her and gossip!

I fly out Friday to Tyler to spend the weekend with my parents and then - quick trip through TX for work. Doing agency shows so, should be a fun week - will be in Tyler, Houston, San Antonio and Austin (Dana if you are reading this I will call you this weekend and try to see you and the boys when I am in Austin!). I am sad about another weekend away from Chad and the girls but - very excited to see my parents and spend some time with them. I told my Mom i need to get my shop on this weekend! :)

That's all for now - hope everyone is getting some nice fall weather heading their way or at least a pumpkin spice something-or-other ;) Cheers!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Staycation Almost Over...

Having the past five days off has been amazing! and of course - it went by way too fast. Boo. Lots of fun with friends over the weekend and lots of patio time :) I may have fell off the healthy eating wagon and into a pile of french fries a couple times this weekend so - getting back on the healthy path today - but, was oh so worth it! Of course today will be spent doing laundry, cleaning, drawer organization and food prep for this short work week - everything that I have been putting off that I wanted to accomplish  for this staycation - perfect rainy day for it too

I was so SO excited Saturday as college football officially kicked off the seasons and I got to watch my Dawgs kick Clemson's ass! Yess! It was a sweet game and makes me so excited for fall :)

I snapped this pic on Bebe's walk over the weekend - this is up in Lafayette Square park which is right up the street. I love that we have such a beautiful park so close to us. Bebe loves to walk the path in the middle of all these flowers and stop and sniff every single one :) so sweet!

The girls are starting to look wild and wooley - time for a grooming appointment soon

Sunday night we grilled out at Erin & Alan's house - so much fun
I love playing Cards Against Humanity - I always laugh so much - so wrong but so right :)

Not sure what bottle of wine we were on at this point - love these girls!

Yesterday was the Benton Park Gateway Cup - bike race through a neighborhood adjacent to ours. We sat on the patio and watched the race with everyone - good times - I took a million pics but this was my favorite - they were so fast

Back to the grind tomorrow - pretty sure September is going to be a long month work-wise. I may have a trip to TX planned for work mid-month but, that may get cancelled. If so - no days off until our trip in October to the Bahamas....ahhhh! How will I survive :)