Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spin & New Workout Music

This past week was a total blur but... a good one! My meeting in Colorado went really well and several of my coworkers were there from other lines so - got to hang out with good people. Really productive trip with some fun sprinkled in :) I also was able to squeeze a run in.... I have been knocking out 4 mile runs pretty easily at home but - the elevation/altitude factor in Denver is no joke! 2.5 miles in and I was smoked - super hard to breathe! But - was happy I at least got that in.

Happy to be home and back to routine - Saturday morning spin class :) I have fallen in love with spin - so happy i finally listened to Erin and revisited it again. I've been doing it twice a week now and thinking about buying spin shoes - NERD! I snapped this one yesterday morning before class...first one there so I can get my favorite bike - second row from the back all the way to the right closest to the mirror and lights - back off my bike peeps!

I love the music the instructor plays - she does a good mix of alternative and hip hop - keeps it fun. Here are two songs that have been in her rotation lately and - love them!

Florence & The Machine - What Kind Of Man.... this is such a good song to crank up LOUD! Love these lyrics...

And this is just a fun workout song - King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar - so fun to spin to :)

Yesterday after spin - went to Soulard Market - picked up these gorgeous roses for $10! They are such a vibrant shade of orange & smell amazing - LOVE :)

Also ordered these fun pieces online - I really want a tusk necklace but before I buy the one I've been eyeing by Lisa Jill Jewelry - wanted to see if I would really wear it and how it would look. Think I am going to love it and upgrade to the Lisa Jill one when i am in Atlanta next month - she sells locally there. I found these less expensive more costumey versions on Exalt Couture via Instagram

So today is a rainy Sunday at home - what a better day to stay in and work on my continuing ed certification for state licensing - whooooo. fun. can't wait.  Poor Chad's allergies are making it hard for him to breath so he is just miserable :( my poor husband! :( Happy Sunday and y'all are doing something much more fun than us today!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Happy Birthday to Me! Can't believe I just turned the big 4-0! Cray!!! Time goes by so fast...seems like I just turned 30. I know some people dread it but - I am actually looking forward to this next decade. I feel like I finally understand who I am and what I want out of life. I can speak my heart & mind and also know who and what matters in my life. Not sure why it took me so long to get here but - I am ready to embrace my 40s and rock them :) Cheers to that!

My coworkers decorated my cube - i will be finding shiny "40" confetti pieces for the next few months. In fact, I found one in my coffee this morning mid conference call. They went all out with balloons, confetti, a big "40", etc... made me smile

Lots of treats all day.... i brought the chocolate chip gooey butter cake home so Chad and Stacy could enjoy it....saving the southern tier chocolate coffee stout ;)

Had to try on the birthday shades :)

Birthday donuts! I did finally break down and have one in the creme pie stylee - yum!

Was so excited my sister came for a visit to help me celebrate - SO much fun!!!

My handsome hubs - we took my sister to Sanctuaria for cocktails her first night here - she LOVED the place!!

Birthday cocktails - sooooo tasty!

Sculpture behind the bar at Sanctuaria

We also stopped by Perennial so Stacy could sample some sours 
We got a sampling of everything on draft :)


My actual birthday kicked off with present time of course :) Such a sweet surprise from Chad - he added to my watch addiction collection - LOVE this - makes me feel fancy!

Bracelet from my sister - love the D! :)

Stacy and I went and did some shopping and also got a mani/pedi - that night we met up with small group of our friends at Planters House - the usual suspects! I didn't get many pics as I was busy having fun :) We discovered they have a bar upstairs tucked away that is really cool! Super funky cool wallpaper - just loved it! Can't wait to go back!

Stacy, Me & Erin and - super funky cool wallpaper

 From there we went to Venice Cafe - love this funky little bar in our hood and wanted my sister to get the full experience - she loved it! Thank god I stuck to cheap beer at this point and didn't give into the "bucket of booze" that the bartender was trying to persuade me to partake in - no hangover for this girl!!

Outside patio with the hubs....

We were feeling pretty good in this pic :)

Next morning we hit up brunch at Southwest Diner - I have been wanting to check this place out and so happy we did - they had a really cool bus outside that you could drink cocktail in while waiting for your table - loved how the ceiling of the bus was painted - so cool!

Me & Chad - the mimosas were delish! 

I got this HUGE breakfast burrito - Christmas Style! Verde sauce on one half and red Chili sauce on the other half. This was amazing - definitely a birthday splurge.... when the server put it on the table I was like "oh wow I am only going to eat a fourth of this!"... I almost ate the entire thing! So yummy... I think I will go all verde next visit.

That night we grilled out - my sister made her famous double stuffed potatoes - I remember her making these for me as a kiddo - oh wow - SO GOOD!

I somehow did not get a pic but - my sister Mykla sent us a Janie's Cake for my birthday... it was the best one I've had yet! Vanilla Poundcake with like a sugar crust bottom with a chocolate ganache center. I shared it with everyone - Erin and Laura now want to ship one up once a month - crack cake!! It was AMAZING!!! Think I will be bringing home a big order my next trip to TX!

My birthday gift to myself.... I have been looking for a Buddha zen statue for the patio.... perfect! Fell in love with this one - in fact cleaning up the patio and getting her out there Saturday! For now she is gracing our kitchen table. Ommmmmmm.

I made Miss Maeve an Easter basket - not sure she really knew what to think of it but I think her Mama appreciated it for sure ;)

So after much MUCH debauchery this weekend (booze and brunch overdose) I am back on the healthy path.... and i found out my spin instructor also teaches Monday nights - new ritual! I was SMOKED after Monday's class.... can't really get the full effect here but my mascara had completely melted off my lashes. I love how much I sweat in this class - very cathartic!

Hydrate! Was super excited to see Polar at the grocery store last night - Ruby Red Grapefruit = FAB! I need this on tap at my house.

Back to healthy eating - i charred the brussel sprouts in the lemon olive oil I bought recently - heaven! so so good!

Four miles last night - today is rest day as my legs are SORE and tomorrow night will be leg/glutes night with Josh - hello squats and lunges - UGH!

This week has been crazy busy at work but - very productive. Looking forward to my short trip next week to Denver - several of my work friends will be there so will be a really fun trip! Happy Humpday - hope everyone's week is going AWESOME! Later taters!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Catch up!

Long time no blog eh? I just have been so super busy - just now really getting the chance to sit down and get to it. My past couple weeks in pics....

ok totally random but - this is the best damn dry shampoo ever. And it's pretty damn cheap. Love!

Made this really awesome salad with spinach, blueberries, strawberries, etc - delicious

Love this scarf - picked it up at TJM for $13! LOVE! :)

Also possibly my birthday outfit... still not sure if I am going to wear this as I typically prefer darker aka black tops - will see!

The beginnings of Miss Maeve's easter basket! :) This makes huge bubbles - which I thought she would find amusing...maybe not the best gift for a 1 year old??

I stopped at Vom Fass and picked up the lemon olive oil I've been craving... dude at the store said it paired really well with the blueberry balsamic vinegar. Pretty damn tasty!

I've been wearing a lot of gold recently...and when I say gold I really mean fake gold costume jewelry :) Picked up the ring and bracelets at Old Navy! I am loving their junk jewelry selection :)

So I have a slight gum addiction as well... I usually have at least three different kinds at my desk. And that starburst gum is so good! I think I may be developing TMJ in the near future....

Trying to give oatmeal the good old college try again.... I don't know if it is a texture thing or what but, it kinda makes me want to throw up when I eat it. Boooooo. The blueberries did help make it tastier though. The oatmeal, not throwup.

Miss Maevers 1st birthday party was last weekend - yay!

The smash cake thingy was a bust. We were so excited to see her tear into it and smash it up. She stuck one finger in and was like - ah hell nah. What can I say - she prefers veggies. The cake however - was so SO good! Delicious!

Maeve was all about her new drum set - best gift ever from Laura!

We ended up playing games after the birthday girl fell asleep.... and also Nick. We played the most fun game called You Don't Know Jack - basically you make up an answer to a trivia question and people try and pick the correct answer - hilarious and - apparently we are all really good liars/bullshitters. It was SO much fun! And - Nick slept through almost the entire thing - including this selfie.

Chad and I tried out a new pizza place in Maplewood - A Pizza Story. So - it was good but - still not as good as Peel or Basso. But - love trying new places... especially new places involving pizza :) I got the mushroom fontina pizza - yum!

 Random pic I took of a recipe I found in a magazine that sounded good to me..... need to start eating more fish and the flavors sounded so good...

So - one of my favorite things about Easter - black jelly beans! I love black licorice so - these are right up my ally. I find that people's reaction to black jelly beans is very similar to candy corn. You are either totally on board or totally like WTF? I find it pretty amusing.

Gotta balance out all the pizza and black jelly beans with some healthy stuff....made some sweet potato fries last week....they turned out pretty good although I wish I could get them extra crispy. These were baked in the oven so - hard to get that crisp - I am sure I can find the secret on Pinterest

I am back on the Shellac kick... I was getting these done and the girl next to me was getting hot pink sparkly color done. She made a face at my color selection and said "Gray huh?" and I said "it matches how I feel on the inside" and gave her a snarky look. She didn't say another word. Pretty sure she thought I was going to blow up the salon. It's the little joys in life I tell ya ;)

Crazy random pic I text to Chad and Alan - long story and kinda had to be on the text to find it humorous but - had to save the crazy selfie

I snapped this on Saturday after spinning - Erin has totally gotten me hooked on spin class - the amount of sweat that pours out of me is pretty impressive. Sweating all my food sins away  - I love it! Anyway - loved this pic with all the orbs/rays - whenever I catch these in pics I like to think it is good spirits protecting me

I picked up some of this stuff so I can make my own Italian Soda's at home. I used to drink the hell out of these when I lived in Athens and I had one the other day trying sugar free syrup - made me feel fancy!

Saturday we went to Side Project Brewing for a Coffee Stout event - they had a small batch release of  One Candle Coffee - barrel aged smoked stout with coffee. It was really amazing.  Hard to tell in this pic but, the place is pretty small and it was jam packed - line was out the door for most of the event

Chad and our buddy Mitch totally needing out on the beer...with good reason :) That is the brewer right over Mitch's shoulder lol

Then we went to the Lupulin Fest - which is a beer fest with a focus on IPAs = hoppy beers. These are not my favorites so, I didn't drink very much but - it was pretty cool to see how much the fest has grown since we went to the first one a few years back. It does make me sad though to be at 4Hands with no Will. Miss that kid.

Chad and Alan did the "strongest man in the world" contest thingy by hitting the thingy with a hammer and trying to get the weight all the way up the pole to hit the bell - they both did it! Officially the Strongest Men at the Beer Fest :)

And I finally got my cornmeal blueberry pancake fix on Sunday.... I ate half and brought the rest home for two very spoiled doggies :)

And so... I have 2 days of work left this week and then my sister gets here and the birthday celebration will begin! So excited!!!

I have been getting back into Interpol again lately - pretty much listening to them non-stop. I love their new album and Chad & I are going to see them Monday May 11th here in STL. Cannot wait!! I leave you with this gem - my favorite song on the new album  - Cheers!