Sunday, January 25, 2015

Broken Resolutions

Sooo I know one of my resolutions for 2015 was to travel less... well already bended that one a wee bit.  I found out in late December I had to travel to Dallas for work training and I decided to turn that into a visit to my parents house. I mean... if the company is going to pay to fly me out there, I may as well take advantage of that a visit my folks right! :) Unfortunately Chad does not have much leave stored up with his new job so - I invited Miss Tiff to join me as she loves my parents and it has been over a year since she was there - was a nice visit

First of all... i walked past this in the Love Field airport.... and actually had to back it up and stare in awe at the awesomeness! A Benefit Cosmetics vending machine....what what?? How awesomesauce is that??? Several of their products are staples for me so - super cool to see them in this format - very very cool! Apparently they are also in the ATL airport per Tiff so I assume in several but - wow, this was my first sighting...

Right when we got to my parents house, my Dad had his famous chili cheese dip with fritos waiting for us... oh my lord, so good!

Here is my sweet D-lo drinking her daily champagne! You know what they say... a glass of champagne a day keeps the haters away :)

I made my usual visit to Cole's to check out the Radkos.... I was shocked as their shelves were almost bare! Apparently they were wiped out during the holidays and in the middle of restocking. They did have this really awesome Mardi Gras Radko so I picked this one up... Karnival Kringle. Mardi Gras is just a few weeks away - whoooo! :)

Me & Tiff drinking my Dad's signature cosmo... his are the best!

My parents treated us to a very nice dinner at my favorite place in Tyler - Jake's - best steak ever.
How cute are my parents?? I hope I look this spiffy in my 80's!

I did take a pic of my salad this night.... this was oh so good. I think I need to recreate these at home with a skinny blue cheese dressing - so tasty!

 I also picked up these cool buddha-esqe statues in Tyler - I had to have Mom mail them to me as my suitcase was stuffed. I put one in my bathroom and one in our bedroom - I love seeing them every day - makes me feel calm & centered

Back home now and very happy to be - I was very homesick my last day in Dallas at work and ready to be home to my little family... got my bangs trimmed whoopsie, they are a little short! But.... ah well they will grow back soon, at least they are out of my eyes

New running shoes... I went back to Brooks....and these feel so light on my feet...LOVE!

Sweet Bebe! Such a sweet girl :) we went for a long walk yesterday - I was missing this girl!

Check out these cool coasters my friend Kristine got over Christmas... I totally want a set.
These. Are. Awesome.

SO excited - a friend of mine found my coveted Mac Delineate for sale online.... I was worried it would not be up to par but.... the consistency and color is amazing. So very excited I have a brand new pot of it! :) This color is gorgeous for blue/green eyes and I have yet to find anything that is even close to matching - fab!!

So this is not a very good photo but - here it is with some shadows out of my Urban Decay Vice palette - so happy to have this liner in my life again :)

 So last night I had a craving for lobster and really wanted to go to Peacemaker in our neighborhood - we have been there before but, just really was craving it. Fortunately for them...and unfortunately for me, they are doing really well.... check out the wait time on the NoWait app....ummm no. Needless to say we went to another restaurant last night. Hopefully the next time I get a lobster craving it is during the week and not on a hopping Saturday night :)

Not gonna lie - i have had my pjs on since 2:30pm today.... lazy Sunday :) The new ones from Old Navy are so comfy - they are ultra soft and just feel so so damn good. And they were on sale! Double score... I think i need to see what other patterns they have as I could live in these....don't hate on my cool slippers either :)

Found this at the store today....I need to research how to add this to my diet - it said to add to yogurt, soups, smoothies and salads. I am sure there is a pin for this on pinterest. I saw the bag and was intrigued - we shall see

Today has been food prep day for the week... trying to plan out our meals so we do not eat out until next Saturday night - this can be a real challenge for us as there are so many good restaurants in such a close vicinity to us. But hoping we can start eating more at home and only really eating out once/twice a week.

Tonight after dinner I am going to curl up to my new magazine and go to bed early... have a busy week ahead & lots of workouts planned

Cheers and wishing everyone a positive and productive week ahead :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Half Training

I have been sticking to my half marathon training plan and really enjoying getting my run on again. Here is my plan.... found on pinterest - of course :)

I start week 4 tomorrow... so far so good! Getting in my workouts with Josh also and think I may take a weekly spin class as well to cross-train. So with all this working out... gotta have the post workout selfies :) I am trying to keep the sweaty selfie posts to a minimum on Instagram but, it really does feel so damn good after a workout, it's hard not to share!

So I have been running on our treadmill at home as it has been OH so damn cold out.... I am not running in single digit temps or really anything below 35 degrees... I am not that hardcore. So, one of the best things about running in the privacy of our home... I can look like a huge dork and not give a rip! Case in point below.... gotta love the sweaty band! I look totally 80s - rocking the side pony and everything - ha!

Something about January.... it creates gorgeous sunsets.... I took this pic from our bedroom back porch - freezing out but just beautiful

I have been kinda bummed that we haven't had a big snow yet this winter.... I love this meme though, cracks me up! Totally have felt like this all week....

Good soup weather! I made some chicken tortilla soup for us Friday night and we have been eating it all weekend.... in fact I am sad that it is all gone now :(

I discovered this new snack this weekend - tried some cafe latte flavored greek yogurt and added a chopped up dove dark chocolate square.... it was SO good!! this would definitely be a healthy dessert alternative....yummy! I am going to try it with a few other flavors i bought too....soooo good!

Today has been a complete lazy day... in fact I didn't even get out of my pjs and robe today.... and thinking about heading back to bed here soon.

Update on Honey... she is doing really great! We did start her steroids today and it seems to be making her a bit antsy tonight but, the rest of the weekend she has been back to her normal self. Please continue to send healing thoughts her way - we need all that we can get! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sweet Honey Bee

We found out over the course of this week that our sweet Honey has lymphoma. I could tell she just was not feeling herself lately and we have noticed she seems to be losing weight...although her appetite is still insatiable per usual. She also is still very playful and has a lot of spunk but she has been pacing a lot in the evenings and having more and more difficulty making it up the stairs. If fact Chad now carries her up at night to our bedroom when we go to sleep.

The vet gave us the news yesterday afternoon and we were both upset.  I was crying and I turned to Chad and he was as well. She is such a sweet girl with a heart of gold and only needs a few things to be happy...a belly rub, a warm place on the couch and a treat or seven. It is hard for me to put into words how much she means to me and how she fills my heart each day. I think back to when I first met her and where I was in life...broken, unsure, a little wild...wanting someone to love me for just me. I remember looking into her sweet face and feeling kindred lost soul. The rest is history... I look into those brown eyes everyday and see myself looking back.

So we reviewed all our options and we've decided to proceed with chemotherapy. The vet says it will give her a good quality of life and she will not feel pain while going through it (canine chemo is not like people chemo). So the next six months will be full of vet visits, puppy prescriptions and spending time with our girl. Please keep her in your thoughts and send positive healing energy her way. I know one day we will have to say goodbye but... Not without a fight and, not yet.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy 2015!

2014 was kind of a meh year for me - nothing too overly exciting happened, in fact if I reflect back on the past year - there was a lot of work, travel and stress. I do not want to look back at 2015 with the same sentiment - this should be a pretty milestone year for me as I have a big birthday coming up.... the big 3-0! oh wait.... nope it's the other one - the big 4-0! crazy crazy.... anyway, I am hoping that some changes I've made will result in less stress & more positive energy.

It seems like every year around the holidays - I throw healthy eating and working out to the wind and go crazy on the white russians, mint chocolate chip cookies & other fattening delicious treats.... this pretty up sums up the last two weeks for me....

Although I have eeeked out a few workouts (oh lord it took me all week to recover from my workout with Josh Monday!!) I really have been eating a lot of unhealthy, bad for me but equally delicious food.... like this Tarragon Chicken with Mushrooms & Cream Sauce..... I had to make this when I saw the pin on pinterest.... there used to be a french restaurant in Atlanta that I would frequent often and this was my favorite dish.... not gonna lie, it tasted divine but, this obviously is not the healthiest of dishes :) But oh my yum... in fact we had the leftovers last night and it was still damn yummy

And then after dinner, we had to top it off with the last of the mint chocolate chip holiday cookies and a bottle of Abraxus.... i am sure I have talked about this beer before but, it is one of the best beers I have ever had - EVER! It's an imperial stout brewed with ancho chiles, cacao nibs, vanilla bean & cinnamon sticks. And yes it is even more amazing than it sounds... especially the barrel aged version. Very decadent finish to our dinner :)

So with all the food and alcohol debauchery as of late - of course I feel like I need to go to confession and detox. I bought myself a few tokens of motivation! The new skinnytaste cookbook... I read through it last night (yes I read cookbooks) and really some tasty recipes I am excited to try out - going to aim for 2 this week. And I just couldn't resist with the shrimp and grits on the cover - my fave!

 I also gifted myself a new TomTom Runner Cardio - this watch is for running and has a built in heart rate monitor so, no more f'ing around with the dumb heart rate monitor strap... which was a total bitch.  It also has a built in GPS so now I can track my distance, mileage, time, calories burned, etc.... so so excited to use this today - and it also works on treadmill as well. Thank you to my boss for the amazon card - got a sweet deal on this :)

And so big news here.... as further motivation, I also signed up to run my first half marathon..... YIKES.

This is something I have wanted to do for quite sometime - but I have never committed to it.  This year will be the year! Training starts Monday.... wish me luck! 13.1 miles! Oh and you better believe I will be one of those annoying people with the 13.1 sticker on my car - haha

Here is a random photo of Chad and Maeve I snapped - isn't this precious! She is such a doll... she was decked out in her Missou Tigers getup for the bowl game on NYD - so adorable.

OK off to try out my TomTom & get my last full day of food/drink debauchery in before detox commences! Cheers and Happy 2015 Everyone! :)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Chill Day

So my first day of vacation this week didn't go exactly the way I planned... I have a to do list in my head that I realized today....needs to be on paper if it's going to get done. This morning - I got sucked into the couch and Inside The Actor's Studio... I just could not drag myself away from Bradley Cooper and then Jake Gyllenhaal... which also reminded me i need to watch Donnie Darko again (one of my all-time favorite movies).

Erin text me and asked if i was curled up on the couch drinking coffee in my new robe....

haha does she know me or what?? it was glorious to spend the morning this way but I did feel a tad bit guilty for not being more productive today. I just keep getting sucked into series.... i just finished binge watching the first season of The Affair... officially obsessed with the intro song by Fiona Apple - love it - i keep hearing it in my head and singing it randomly...can't wait for season 2 to start

After laying on the couch all morning, staring at the TV and being a bum.... my guilt drove me to the treadmill.... it was 34 degrees outside and decided that may be a bit too harsh for my first outdoor winter run today - gotta ease into the frozen boogers exercise program. I was very happy to eek out three miles - whoa! Not too shabby... thank god for muscle memory! BTW I am registering for a half marathon this year - holy shit - more on that to come...

And I gotta take a post run selfie or it just didn't happen right!?!

My run felt amazing today! I love when I surprise myself and I really thought I was going to struggle to bust out just 1 mile - given all the holiday celebrating and cookies in my face lately. It made me think - I really need to be better to myself and give myself more credit - lots of things lately have come much easier to me than I have expected them to and it was good to reflect on this while sweating it out on the dreadmill - and have that lightbulb moment - - it made me get into deep thought as to why it is second nature to doubt myself or assume things will be an uphill battle. I am really going to focus on that going forward.... "Be kind to yourself. Have faith in yourself. Trust in your ability"....Mantra for 2015

OK - enough of the heavy stuff.....

I bought a curling rod recently and decided to play with it yesterday as I was too lazy to wash my hair... not too bad for my first time using it... I need to play around with it a little more but, a good alternative to get a different look and cute look for dirty hair :)

Here is what it looked like from behind...

here is the front - i actually watched a tutorial on pinterest that was helpful....the girl was so annoying in it, I didn't have the stomach to pin it....that annoying. But she had some good hair tips 

And so.... tomorrow morning is my first workout back with Josh since mid October! I am equally excited and scared. I am expecting to be pretty damn sore come Wednesday and especially Thursday - second day is the worst! But - happy to be getting back in the gym again and into a regular routine.

Making my to-do list out tonight so that I can get a few things accomplished this week - will probably check in a few more times this week - Cheers!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas - mine was perfect! I still keep waking up feeling so happy to be home :) And very happy to be on vacation until the Jan 5th! 11 days off... yes I will take it! Here are my pics in total random order...

Love this bev nap! I snap up cute ones when I see them - these were from Miss Tiff.... makes me giggle into my cosmo ha

We had some snow/ice..... thought this cherry tree outside my work was beautiful... it was really a pretty snow and did not stick to the kind!

We had cocktails last Friday night before the Glass Animals show at Sanctuaria - love this place, they make the best cocktails in town!

Had to take a pic of my fancy beer can at the show.... champagne of beers!

Glass Animals - I think i enjoyed this way more than Chad :)

Random text from my sister regarding Dad's driving.... this was a text she sent to her daughters and shared with me... think it may be time to take away the keys!!

We had a Radko casualty this season :(  No irony lost here that it was the cat ornament... pretty sure Honey and Bebe planned this one carefully

Love this instagram pic of my Dad.... looking handsome in that black stetson! Those fritos are for his famous chorizo & cheese dip... and massive bottles of vino for D-lo :) What a man!

Got a pic with our office Santa this year :)

Christmas Eve we went over to Erin's parents house - it was a lot of fun :) Miss Maeve was precious and had about three wardrobe changes - loved her little silver dress!

Opening presents.... I think Maeve was more interested in the shiny paper and bows

Her little hair bow was precious! She was staring up at the dancing Santa here

Alan & Miss M

Alan Santa made an appearance at the family party!

So Tired!

Here we are with "Santa" ha..... apparently the suit was HOT!

Chad did such a great job this year.... we really had a blessed Christmas. Lots of QT time spent with each other and dear friends.... love this Radko he gave me...I text a pic to my Mom and she fell in love with it - I may have to send her one for next year!

Love these earrings :)

Miss Tiff is keeping me nice and snuggly... pretty sure I am going to live in this robe all next week - so soft!

Chad got me this super cool wine caddy for our spring/summer outings to the park....has everything you need for wine in the park! Love!

Cute Coach wristlet purse from Miss Tiff!

Chad also got me a gift certificate to the yoga studio up the street - YAY! Way excited about that

Of course - no Christmas is complete without Sausage Bread and Mimosas!! Family tradition :)

 Our Christmas dinner - NY Strip, lemon green beans & roasted potatoes - yum!!

Love this pic of my Mom & Dad's tree.... I think we may have to make the trip out there next Christmas once Chad has some time saved up - I love their tree!!

Chorizo breakfast tacos for the day after Christmas - these were so good!

 I finally baked cookies! Better late than never :) These are the skinnytaste gingerbread trees... icing by Chad!

Yesterday we met up with Erin, Alan and baby Maeve for margaritas & Mexican....keeping the tequila in Christmas :) These were amazing!

I got us a ton of scratchers last night.... Chad won $40....I got zippo :(

Tonight we are having a small party at the house - so off to clean and make some apps - then after this I have zippo plans!! Well unless you count organizing the pantry and closets :) So looking forward to my week off! Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season....Cheers!!