Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring has arrived!

I am so so SO excited about the lovely weather we've been having - I walked out Friday morning to discover our front yard tree has blossomed - Spring has sprung! :)

Makes me so very happy! Got my highlights done this week....I wish Natasha could do my hair every day - I can never get my hair as straight and smooth as she does - love it! 

Last night we decided to enjoy some beers on the itap patio - tis the season! Felt amazing to get the band back together again :)

My sweet Chad...

We went back to Erin & Alan's - Chad finally got to meet Baby Maeve - think he fell in love instantly with her - so cute!

 Laura & Maeve :)

We opened a beer Chad just bought to share with everyone - it was so delicious! Imperial stout with toasted hazelnuts - we were all quite impressed

And now I am sitting here trying to motivate to pack for my trip to Boston - my flight out tomorrow is early and I have zippo motivation to get packing... I have my laundry in the dryer and brought my suitcase up from the basement. Yep, my motivation to pack has pretty much stalled from there. Aaaaannnd About Last Night is on tv... so thinking nothing is happening anytime soon. I see myself frantically throwing clothes in my suitcase around 11pm tonight.

I am somewhat dreading my worktrip - as I hate being way from home 
but I think it will be a fun trip as I have quite a few work friends on this trip with me. 
Hoping it goes by fast & that this is my last trip for awhile - Happy Weekend to Everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Work, No Phantogram & Selfies

what a craaazzzzy week! I have one of my employees out unexpectedly this week so... been working her desk to help her out...put on my adjusters hat and took some statements, determined liability, talked to shops & vendors, went over estimates, wrote am I rusty but & has been completely hectic but kinda fun as well. Lots of long days this week!

In fact I had tickets last night to see Phantogram but gave them away :( I really really wanted to see them but, i knew with this hectic week the last thing I would feel like doing was going to a show and being up late. I know the past few shows we have been to - I have enjoyed but really wished our bed was floating above the stage so we could watch the show from our comfy bed in our pjs....yep OLD! :)

Will share some pics from my phone from the last week.... ah! now that I have started wearing gold here and excited to wear this awesome ring D-lo gave me about 15 years ago. My sister Stacy was living in Japan at that time and our mother went to visit - she brought back me and my sisters each a ring with a Japanese symbol and gave them to us for Christmas. This was so special as my sister Dawn Marie was going through chemo - it was very emotional to all open these together. Tears were flowing for sure that Christmas but - makes me feel very strong and connected to my sisters when I wear this ring - love! True Sister Power :)

I finally got to meet Baby Maeve this weekend in person- she is just perfect! Our little Baby Maeve Burrito!!

I was craving shrimp tacos this weekend so decided to whip some up - i kinda just combined a few taco recipes I make often. Spicy grilled shrimp, red cabbage cilantro & lime slaw, and a spicy siracha greek yogurt sauce - man these were damn good!

Also made some protein pancakes this weekend... i think i may make a batch of these one Sunday to have throughout the week - the recipe consists of egg whites, cottage cheese, raw oats, vanilla, cinnamon and a bit of sugar - very good and really filling.

Me on my run this weekend..... so stylin'! I am pretty sure I looked super dorky but - hey a chick high fived me on my run through the park so - must have had some swagger going on :)

Felt pretty cute today in my jeans, boots & leopard scarf - could not take one complete shot of the ensemble but here it is in parts....

ah my fave bed-stu boots - these babies were worth every pretty penny - I wore the hell out of these this winter! and my sweet friends Laura & Erin had a laugh over this selfie gone wrong today.... i swear i am a 12 year old boy some days...the fatbooth app always makes me laugh til I cry!

OMG - i must order a dozen of these candles stat. They smell like lemongrass with a slight hint of mint. So freaking amazing! Thank you B&BW!

Tonight's dinner..... lemon thyme charred brussel sprouts....I love how GREEN they get in the char process. If I win the lottery, I am going to culinary school. I just love spending time in the kitchen

And so after dinner - as I was perusing FB, decided it was time to clean up my friends list a bit and also block some peeps. There are some people from my past that, while we are not friends, we have mutual friends. And well...quite honestly, I don't care to know that my ex likes the cookies that my best friend made this afternoon. I am not sure if that makes me a petty person but, I decided to just block some peeps. That is the one thing about FB that is annoying.... sometimes you can get sucked back into the past when you really have no desire whatsoever to time travel. I am trying to be very present/future focused these days so....feel like that is a step in the right direction to prevent any unwanted trips down memory lane. Let go of the past, and the past will let go of you :) Or perhaps...block your past on FB, and you won't have to get annoyed unwillingly over trivial dumb shit. ha

And in honor of my missed concert last night - I leave you with this lovely gem - is this girl sexy or what?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me :)

The week has been so relaxing....exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday :) Now if I could just extend it for another week.... now that would be freaking amazing.

I was spoiled so much! Lots of celebration with friends & Chad - very lucky girl!

Beautiful flowers from Joanne - these are just as gorgeous this morning as they were Wednesday - love the vivid colors - thank you so very much - love!

lots of presents too - loved all the wrapping paper :)

My actual birthday started out on an interesting note.....woke up 5am to tornado sirens! Down in the basement we went....thankfully the storm passed over us with no damage. It stormed off & on the majority of the day and - we ended up back in the basement that night as well with more sirens - welcome to Springtime in STL!

Once the morning storm passed through - Chad treated me to crepes & mimosas at Rooster - yummy breakfast joint downtown - so delicious!

I went with the Mimosa Sunset - a regular mimosa with a splash of grenadine - so tasty & exactly what I wanted to start my birthday celebration out with :)

We ran some errands and ended up celebrating the afternoon with some friends, hitting a few of our local bars here on the island - very low key but so much fun! Made the best out of the absence of patio weather.... birthday cupcakes may have happened this week also...

Chad whipped up some of these for us last night as well...

He then made the best dinner for us - garlic pork chops with a mushroom and red wine reduction - so delicious! I did not take any pics but wish that I had - it was a beautiful dinner :)

This morning I woke up and went to yoga at the studio down the street - it was my first class there but I loved it. It always amazes me how much I sweat during yoga....really is a workout. I did much better than I expected as it has been a spell since I've yoga'd. I am feeling very centered & calm now... and realized how desperately I am in need of a pedicure. I will be back this week for sure - such a stress reliever! Happy Saturday Y'all and hope everyone found some joy this week - xoxo!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Miss Maeve is here!

Baby Maeve has arrived :) yay! Isn't she adorable???

I will get to actually visit her tomorrow after work - my cold is finally gone. Really hoping that it stays away and I am done with this funk - going to up my Vitamin C over the next few weeks and hoping that helps.

Was so excited - got to have a drink with Erin Friday night - her first beer since Maeve came into the world! I am so very proud of her - was so good to see her and cheers a drink :)

OK so - have to say that I love my new mascara... my eyes have been really watery lately and Laura suggested trying a new mascara - went with clinique as they are all natural and good for sensitive eyes - OMG love! I didn't have any other makeup on so undereye circles are pretty pronounced but - BOOM, check out the lashes! It is their High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara.

Last night made a batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup as I was craving it - started this around 9:30 so wasn't ready til around 11:30 - ate a bowl and went to bed but - good to have this week for lunches.

I am revamping our bedroom - Bebe approves of our new comforter I do believe! I will post a pic once it's completely done - looking for new bedside tables, art & a mirror.... more to come

Productive Sunday so far... two loads of laundry washed, folded and put away, cleaned the kitchen and got a run in. Two work days this week and then vaca baby & my birthday on Thursday...going to be an awesome week!! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sick and Sick of Snow

Feel like my life has been on loop this winter...snow, sick, snow, sick :( :( :( Have had both visit me again this week - BOO. So over it!

Just a dusting but aggravating to wake up to this when all I want is Spring. Very hopeful this was the official last snow of the season....fingers crossed!

Regarding being sick a-frickin-gain, I am thinking that it must be allergies at this point....I am not feeling too terrible but, have sneezing, sinus pressure and snot. Lovely. And the worst part is our friends Erin & Alan had their baby this week and I am unable to go and visit due to this allergy/cold muck. Soooo bummed! I am taking claritin and boozing it up with Theraflu so - hoping to kick this by Friday so we can meet baby Maeve!

So tonight.... I am baking cookies for Erin....her favorite Mint Chocolate Chip! And I was able to find the actual Andes Mint Candy Chips - so didn't have to grind them up in the food processor - score!

Now just to make it through this week and Monday & Tuesday of next week....then, I am on vaca for the rest of next week YAY!! Going to spend those three days celebrating my birthday at home with the excited to have some time off to chill. Have a trip to Boston for work coming up mid-April so...getting some chill time in before schedule is starting to book up with work and fun so, know that July and summertime will be here soon - can't wait! Cheers to feeling better soon :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy St. Pats!!

This year we didn't go to the parade - Chad had to work last night so, he really didn't want to go and be the sober guy among all the green drunk people :) Can't say I blame him there! But I did miss hanging with Erin & Alan's family - hopefully next year we can make the parade. We still celebrated however... went to Perennial for 17 - mint chocolate stout heavenliness! So delicious....

 I got the full pour and Chad got the taster - thought this was so cute - a baby beer! This beer is 10% so - i definitely sipped on it for awhile. But - it is amazing!

Erin is preggers and not able to drink right now but - being the sweet friend that I am, I picked her up a bottle :) She is set to deliver in a week so - we will be drinking these soon!

I went with green shadow in honor of St Pat :)

I did sport this also for a splash of green... lol on the Bebe photobomb

Hope everyone is having a fun St. Pat's! Cheers :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


YAY for bonus day :) Today I got to hand out bonus checks to my team - it is a really cool feeling. I also was lucky enough to get one and - it was a very nice surprise as the amount was significantly higher than I expected - my miscalculations were likely due to my english major math skills :)

Thinking of ways to spend my bonus.... impulsive buy = hot tub. That is what I really want! But... I am going to be responsible and only spend a small portion of it and a big chunk of it....bills. How glamorous :\  But yay for getting a nice bonus - feeling fortunate

I have some random pics from my phone here so will just go through these as I am too drained to compose a real post :)

Boom - this wine was freaking spectacular. I met my friends Kristine & Nick for a drink Saturday at 33 up the street - so so amazingly delicious. Can't wait to have it again.

I was so pumped that Spring was here Monday & Tuesday! Weather was gorgeous and it made me crazy happy - walking out into the warmth and sunshine was pure bliss :) And today was back to winter - blah. But good news.... sunshine is on the horizon again - yay! :)

Oh my coconut my girlfriends Laura & Erin convinced me to start using this in place of face wash and all the other crap I put on my face. This was so foreign to me as I have oily/breaky-outy skin and the concept of putting more oil on it to stop breaking out and reduce oil was just bananas. I must admit the first few days, it was weird - I just knew I was going to be a hot oily zit faced mess. But - it's been a few weeks now and guess what - I've only had one minor break out and my skin is pretty glowy fresh! I love it - I put it on my face morning and night and wipe it off with a damp warm face towel - it removes all dirt and makeup like magic. Then after washing I put a little dab on my face for moisture. Also apparently coconut oil has a natural SPF in it so helps there too. I am totally sold on the coconut oil - love it! Oh and the smell is pretty fab too.

In fact I am in love with all things coconut lately - I am loving this new (to me) La Croix flavor - Coconut! It reminds me of the beach :)

Random pic from my walk with Bebe today.... 
pretty view but I sure am ready for some green leaves & flowers!

And with that I am off to bed folks - laters!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


yow. what a week this has been - crazy crazy busy at work. UGH.

In fact tonight I really want to soak in the tub but, thinking a hot shower just sounds quicker so I can hop in bed. What i would not give for an oversized whirlpool tub right now! Not going to lie...I have thought about splurging my bonus this year on a kickass hot tub for us. How 80's of me! Pretty sure that is not going to happen....not this year anyway.

In other exciting news - my ears finally popped tonight. So sad how excited this made me but I have been feeling sick...a-freaking-gain! And my head has been stuffy...almost like sinus had made me feel like I've been underwater all week. It  has been driving me bananas, and everyone around me as I am like "huh?" "say what?" "whatya say?" all week - finally tonight they popped! Yay! Lame i know that this is the highlight of my day today but - was seriously beginning to worry. And I can't believe I just wrote a whole paragraph on my ears popping. Wow I need to get out more.

Well since I can hear again - here is a song I am crushing on these days, so charming - Sylan Esso's Coffee

Note to self - take some pics or do something more interesting so I can write about something/anything more exciting than my ears popping. K - bye

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

oh Hi!

I have not been blogging at all lately - just so busy - Feb is my craziest month work-wise - in fact I cannot believe it is almost March! Time is going by at warp speed lately it seems. I mean damn, Christmas was two months ago....huh?

Just realized I didn't even blog about getting to catch up with my sweet nephew Gabe! He was in town from TX to meet his girlfriends family - she is from St Louis - this was my first time meeting her and I just adored her :) D-lo told me I would and she was right - so very happy to see him so happy - we caught up with them over cocktails at our favorite Sanctuaria...

Me & Miss Amanda - such a doll!

 Chad, Gabe & is hard for me to not think of him as three years old in cowboy boots but - he is all grown up now :) Very proud of him & the man he has grown up to be - Dawn Marie would be so very proud!

Such a cute couple!

So it goes without saying I am really ready for Spring to get here....over this brutal winter. I normally do not get seasonally depressed but dayum...this winter really blows. And we are getting more snow Friday and Sunday - awesome. Ah well....this too shall pass, right?

One exciting thing coming up this weekend.... Mardi Gras! Yay! Will be a pretty tame one this year but still planning on walking down to the festivities & having a few hours of fun - bummed that Chad has to work that night but...wondering if it will just be a more laid back celebration anyway given the weather. We shall see.

I am really excited for tomorrow.... one of my employees won a major award at work. She gets an all expense paid vacation to this super pimp resort in San Diego for herself and a guest - like lifestyles of the rich & famous stylee. We are announcing it tomorrow morning in a huge employee meeting, complete with balloons, flowers, a big sign like how Ed McMahon Publishers Clearing House does it....and of course cake. Gotta have the cake. Best part....she has no clue she won! Yay :) She is such an amazing person and deserves all of it and more so - very excited to see her reaction tomorrow. Makes me so proud of her! :)

 Tonight I tried out a new recipe - Butternut Squash & Black Bean Enchiladas from Skinny Taste - think this is my new favorite recipe from her - sooooo good! I even used whole wheat tortillas & they were bomb! My pics are not the greatest but - I was too tired to try much for pretty pics tonight - look how cheesy delish they look though- yummm

My attempt to make the greek yogurt look fancy is pretty sad but - damn tasty :)

And I am exhausted and off to bed - will be a better blogger in March! Promise :)