Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Officially Training Again!

Half-marathon. Doesn't that just sound awful? It sounds like a whole lot of work. A whole lot of blood, sweat and tears. I don't know why but...I want to check this off my bucket list. I registered for one last year, started my training, and let self-doubt intimidate me. I had a really negative exchange with someone in my life about it... a lot of "you can't do it" "you don't have enough time to train" "it sucks" "i've done several and I'm over it, you don't want to train that hard" "you realize you will be running for almost three hours, right?".... and I walked away from that exchange feeling defeated. My next long run, I had a panic attack and...just....stopped. Shame on me for letting that negativity stop me from doing what I wanted to do.

SO... I just signed up for the St Louis Rock N Roll Half in mid October. Frick! Here we go again....except this time, I am staying positive and only listening to ME. I know I can do this! I have been running more and more lately in preparation but, officially started my training this week. The race is 17 weeks away so, as long as I stick to my training plan - I got this. Here is the training plan I will be following... I will probably be blogging about my journey as I go to keep myself accountable. Thrilling, I know :) Please wish me luck....I will need positive thoughts!

I had to get some new running pants to motivate me.... got a sweet deal on these at Old their active wear! And yes these pants did make me run faster :)

In other news... Joanne is here this week :) She is in town for the Hearing Loss Association of America Conference. She is presenting - so proud of her! She will be here all week - I feel like we have been on a foodie tour since she has arrived! Monday night we had dinner at Peacemaker... I have blogged about this place before - amazing restaurant close to us that gets fresh lobster flown in daily from Maine - so so SO amazing! This meal definitely made Monday much much better :)

With all the celebrating with Joanne in town - have to plan and balance my other meals accordingly :) Grilled some salmon this week.... dill & lemon.... was so good!

Finished product..

Portioned out my egg-white spinach & feta omelets for the week - put a little dill from my patio herbs on top - so good!

Now that summer is in full gear here in the Lou... it is humid. Make that swampy. Couple more weeks and i will be ready for fall! I brought this fan up from the basement to cool me down post workouts/post runs. Nothing worse than taking a shower, getting ready for work and STILL pouring sweat. This has helped a bit!

OK I may have a problem... I know i just bought a MK purse but.... I found this one at Nordstrom Rack on Monday at lunch. I have been looking for this particular purse for over a year to no avail. It is hard to tell in this pic but - it is actually a gunmetalish silvery copper color. I have seen them in bright gold or bright silver but... finally saw this one Monday AND it was on sale 50% off! So... yep, had to get it. SO excited - perfect tote :)

I am also in love with my new Paul Mitchell shampoo.... this is Marula Oil and smells amazing and makes my hair so soft. Love this stuff!

Today I had lunch with Joanne and her friend Joan - we tried a new place just down the street from us that I have been wanting to try for quite some time - Lona's Lil Eats - it is "fresh asian cuisine with a soul food flare" - WOW, was this place amazing! I cannot wait to go back!

Fresh spring rolls... so so fresh and good and, that spicy peanut dipping sauce was out of this world amazing.

We shared the mushroom dumplings - SO good!

Here is Joanne's plate :) We all split a giant rice paper wrap - it was shrimp with chopped salad and lemon cilantro pesto.... doesn't that just sound SO good?? It was!

And tonight's dinner was leftover Indian food from last night's dinner at Rasoi in CWE. That is Malai Kabab, rosemary & garlic naan & curried jasmine rice. Indian leftovers are the best! I told you I have been eating good this week... foodie heaven!

 And Bebe appreciated the Indian food tonight too.... she stared at me while I ate, and when I looked at her, she would look away and stare off to the side of me. LOL - so funny. "I am not looking at your plate of deliciousness....nope, not me" - Bebe

Tonight I have the house to myself - Joanne is staying at Union Station for the Conference & Chad is at a beer party. A bunch of guys are getting together at a dude's house and each bringing "whale beers" - beers that are rated 100's on beer advocate. I think you can say that is officially a beer-nerd party ;)
I am going to put a facial mask on and start House of Cards - Happy Wednesday Y'all!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rain, rain go AWAY

busy week that seemed to go by pretty fast... despite the solid 10 days of rain we have had....ugh! I usually don't mind the rain - I often wonder if I would be better suited for the northwest as I love cooler temps and enjoy a rainy day. But 10 days is a bit excessive!! Probably not the best shoes for jumping puddles :)

With all my early morning workouts - my weekday "look" has been pretty slack = minimal make-up & wet hair pulled into a sloppy bun. I felt fancy when I actually dried my hair and put some blush and lip gloss last Saturday :-) I am entertaining the thought of cutting my hair - just for a change - still mulling it over - we will see!

Trip to the park last Sunday before storms came in.... we drove up to the park even though it's just a couple blocks away as Miss Honey's back legs are pretty weak. Was lovely to see her running around in the green grass - love that girl :)

Me & the hubs.... my hair was tucked behind me and kinda looks like a bob :)

went for a run this week and got caught in the rain - it was actually kinda nice as it was towards the end of my some of this is sweat, some of this is rain :)

One morning after I got out of the shower, I walk in and here is Miss Honey curled up in our bed. That is my body pillow that I sleep with... well apparently both of us sleep with.

I have been in veggie overload mode....  one thing I have started doing when I go to bed is to reflect on all the positive things from the day - eating a ton of veggies is on that list ha!

Of course - balance out the veggies with some fun! I just had one cocktail Friday night at Planter's House and it was amazing. Gin Soaked Boy...those are juniper berries on top there. It had just a touch of gin in it.... Citadelle Gin, Ransom Old Tom Gin, Nolet’s Gin, Sloe Gin, Lemon, Fino Sherry, Cinnamon Syrup. 

I have been trying to remind myself of this - it's ok to say No to plans, life is short to do things you don't want to do. It's ok to be selfish and take time, spend time, on yourself. Yes! And let's ignore the double negative in this mantra below, shall we?

So excited about this.... Modest Mouse is coming to STL! YAY!!! I have wanted to see them for a few years live and I was able to get two tix before they sold out - AWESOME!! :) :) :)

More workout selfies... I worked out 5 out of 7 days this week...not too shabby!

Treat Yo Self! So a friend of mine had this purse at work.... I fell in head over heels for it. This color is so bright and cheery - so yep, I treated myself :) And also let my friend know I was copping her style :) This also comes in a few colors = danger danger

All week i have been looking forward to my Saturday toast with breakfast using this butter. Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter. I cannot express to you how phenomenal this butter is. It is so rich, creamy and tastes like heaven. Yes, heaven is made of butter. Irish butter. Go get some of this - you will not regret it - such a nice treat! I got mine at Trader Joe's but you can get it at the regular grocery as well.

See how heavenly it looks on my toast there? AH-MAH-ZING!!!! Yep, that is Dave's Killer Bread too - I look forward to this treat all week :)

Yesterday we cleaned the house & did some yard work. In the process of kneeling down to weed the front flowerbed - I apparently backed ass first into a mosquito nest. And... I apparently have a really sweet ass. 24 bites on my butt. TWENTY FOUR..... WTF! I came in, took a cold shower, checked the damage and of course had to take photos to send to a few select friends LOL. I seemingly am allergic to mosquito bites and each one swole (sp?) up to about four times the size of normal bite. Swole... is that a real word or just a southern word? Anyway...I could not believe it so...yep had to send photos of my bare ass to Erin, Laura and my sister. LOL - I will refrain from sharing here and posting pics of my naked bum on the internet but - holy hell. It was BAD!

So after sweating like a beast doing yard work, getting my ass chewed by mosquitoes... it was beer on the couch time. And steak and potatoes on the grill time.

Chad grilled the best steak. It is to die for.... and i did a pretty damn find job on the potatoes and lemon green beans - such a great meal!

Finally - Happy Father's Day to my sweet Father. He is an amazing man and I am thankful every day that I am lucky enough to have him as a role model and loving father. Such a  powerful patriarch to so many. I don't use this term often but - yes I am truly blessed to have him in my life. Love you Dad!

I think of so many lessons he has taught me - I think my favorite is to stand up and be proud of who I am and to not let other people intimidate or have power over me. Thank you Dad for ingraining that in me and giving me the strength and support to be who I am today - it has carried me through difficult times in my personal life and also helped me to navigate successfully in my career as well.
I love you!

Happy Father's Day to everyone - Cheers! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday! Got up early to work out with Josh - it was exhausting today. I've been battling a summer cold all week so, hoping I sweat out the last bit of it this morning. Workout this morning was our typical circuit workout with four exercises per set, three sets... squats, lunges, abs, battle ropes, repeat. I felt like passing out by the end! I keep thinking of my happy place during the workout...

couch...feet chilling.... :) happiness!

After I recovered in my happy place... made a nice healthy breakfast.... and THIS bread is amazing! Thank you to Sarnia for introducing me - Dave's Killer Bread. It is fantastic (organic, non-GMO, whole grain) and also has a really great story behind the bread as well. And it tastes so amazing, really one piece is all you need. I think this has officially replaced by beloved Ezekiel!

My lovely breakfast....spinach, turkey, feta & egg white omelet with Daves Killer Bread (1 tsp of kerrygold-freakingdelish-irish butter) with a side of grapefruit & 1/2 banana = YUM!

Some funnies that made me laugh today... I text these to my girlfriends this morning for a good laugh...along with a sweaty post-workout selfie... yep i know, it's cool to be friends with me ;)

You too can now have Usher stuck in your head today. You're welcome. 

Preach it!! Hunger IS an emotion :)

And last but not least... I leave you with a playlist.... this is my running playlist for summer 2015... love all of these songs as they motivate me to move my ass! And I finally figured out how to embed a spotify playlist...hope it works :) I always love to hear what other people workout I will totally judge you by your playlist - HA! joking....sorta

Happy Weekend! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Chad

What a busy weekend! We hosted our annual Pig Roast to celebrate Chad's birthday and had a ton of friends and family over. I think this was the biggest year yet! Had about 40 people total....lots of fun, lots of beer - great time! And.... not one scrap of food left this year....I am already scared thinking about next year lol! I am being very lazy today as I am on vacation today and have to leave to take Honey to the vet here in a few so...dumping my photos from my phone with a few witty comments here and there ;)

Chad's birthday gift from me... a few of our friends had mentioned this is a must for any whiskey connoisseur and i was intruiged by the chocolate... it is delicious and he was happy :) Win! they have another one called Ocean that is aged on a boat in the sea air...think that will be on the list for Santa this year

Workout selfie... yes I have been working out but, my eating habits have been wrecked since this weekend :( I have got to find a way to stay on the healthy eating path....thinking this over today. Last night's dinner consisted of chicken fingers and onion rings...not good!

I had to take a pic of my latest Costco find....LOL. I thought this top was so cute.... makes me laugh that it is from Costco but hey, cute top is a cute top right

Joanne was in town and brought goodies.... I was so excited, does she know me or what?? Shears specially designed to cut herbs and Sea Salt Butterscotch caramels from TJs! Love!!!!

 We went out for birthday drinks Friday night and decided to go to McGurks in patio! They have a new chef and everything we had was really good..... crab cakes and bacon wrapped BBQ shrimp in cheddar grits below...

My friend Sarnia scored with this dish - it was a shrimp pasta, light on pasta, heavy on the veggies in a ginger soy broth. Was AWESOME! I will be going back for this one for sure. We all ate on her dinner LOL

Photo of us on McGurks patio

Sarnia brought farm fresh eggs from one of her patients (she is a doctor!) and we cooked these up the morning of Chad's party..... the yolks were orange and so fresh! I thought they looked pretty in the carton :)

After breakfast the ladies went to the farmer's market to get fresh veggies to make some apps....salsa, guac, pineapple chow, etc. JoAnne snapped this pic of me at the Market - 

I love my market bag - so cute!

Pic of our back patio compliments of our neighbor - the calm before the storm! :)

 Will could not make the party this year but, he was here in spirit! This is the first beer he brewed with his new brewery Pipeworks in Chicago.... Wills Super Awesome New Rad Saisonathon! Loved it :)

Random of me and Laura at the party....

Action shot of the pig.... all the guys love the roasting part. I always feel sorry for the piggy :( Probably doesn't help that we name him - this year was Kaiser.

Jeff and Chad doing the first flip...

 Great shot of Justin, Joanne and Chad.....I cropped myself out as I looked like a hot, sweaty, drunken mess..... gotta love that!

On Chad's actual birthday, it was just us so, we went out for a nice dinner and tried a new ice cream shop in our hood... called Clementine's. They have unique flavors and some of them are booze inspired.... they had a moscow mule flavor!!

I went with a scoop of strawberry balsamic vinegar & salted caramel crack.... it was AMAZING!

And lastly.....totally random funny that made me laugh..... this is SO my purse!

OK - sorry for the quickie post but, gotta hurry up and get Honey to the vet. This is the last chemo apt I will take her to! She has one more that will be an all day thing but - Chad will be able to drop her and pick her up.....almost done! YAY!!!! :)