Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Staycation Almost Over...

Having the past five days off has been amazing! and of course - it went by way too fast. Boo. Lots of fun with friends over the weekend and lots of patio time :) I may have fell off the healthy eating wagon and into a pile of french fries a couple times this weekend so - getting back on the healthy path today - but, was oh so worth it! Of course today will be spent doing laundry, cleaning, drawer organization and food prep for this short work week - everything that I have been putting off that I wanted to accomplish  for this staycation - perfect rainy day for it too

I was so SO excited Saturday as college football officially kicked off the seasons and I got to watch my Dawgs kick Clemson's ass! Yess! It was a sweet game and makes me so excited for fall :)

I snapped this pic on Bebe's walk over the weekend - this is up in Lafayette Square park which is right up the street. I love that we have such a beautiful park so close to us. Bebe loves to walk the path in the middle of all these flowers and stop and sniff every single one :) so sweet!

The girls are starting to look wild and wooley - time for a grooming appointment soon

Sunday night we grilled out at Erin & Alan's house - so much fun
I love playing Cards Against Humanity - I always laugh so much - so wrong but so right :)

Not sure what bottle of wine we were on at this point - love these girls!

Yesterday was the Benton Park Gateway Cup - bike race through a neighborhood adjacent to ours. We sat on the patio and watched the race with everyone - good times - I took a million pics but this was my favorite - they were so fast

Back to the grind tomorrow - pretty sure September is going to be a long month work-wise. I may have a trip to TX planned for work mid-month but, that may get cancelled. If so - no days off until our trip in October to the Bahamas....ahhhh! How will I survive :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Workout and Weekend

First of all - yay me! I worked out five days this week - that has not happened in a long long time. I am feeling so good about consistently working out - it just makes me a happier person :) Today's workout was super tough - the AC went out in the gym last night and the temp outside was around 101 and super humid. There were fans going but - still hot as hell. I did the elliptical for 30 mins and was done! Thursday I worked from home and ran on my lunch break - 3 miles no stopping! Me post run....

Later that night I rewarded myself with a Peach Berliner Weisse from Perennial - oh so yummy! Perfect summer beer as it is very light, tart and low alcohol. We bought a couple bottles to save for another day - delish!

After my workout Friday morning - I got in my car and had this text from Chad....uh-oh.

Our neighbors actually had a bat in their house again last weekend - they text us last Friday night that they needed help with a critter - we went over and Chad caught it with a towel and set it free. Chad is quite the bat slayer it seems. Anyway, I guess Chad thought he heard something like a bat in the wall behind our bed (omg i know, right? UGH) so....decided to be proactive and call the bat guy out to check it out - good news we do NOT have bats! But - a house down the street from us does and they apparently like to hang out at dusk and dawn in our neighbors giant walnut tree... it may have been a bat trying to get into our attic but failing - anyway.... happy the bats have not returned!

My sweet girl - with the weather being so smoking hot and humid lately - poor baby has been spending a lot of time indoors. I can't wait for this heat to break and cooler temps - she is way overdue for a long walk and - it is just way too hot - would not been good for her little paws. She is such a good girl though - love her sweet face! She looks so tiny here...

Saturday evening we decided to have a drink at Sanctuaria - I went with the Aviation - it was a lovely shade of blue :)  Funny - I put this one on Instagram and my niece said this was one of her favorite drinks but her #1 is the Bijou - ha they are right next to each other on the menu - what a coincidence ;)

Aviation....and the Bijou. I will try the Bijou next time for sure - I so love Sanctuaria!

Today I bought something I have not in forever... an actual magazine! I used to be a magazine ho - but now I tend to download them to my iPad but - this one caught my eye today when we were checking out at the grocery store. Admittedly - I am so so ready for fall sweaters and boots! Fall is the best time of year :)

This afternoon/tonight we did our food prep for the week so - egg muffins are baked, chicken is grilled for our lunches & dinner is planned for the rest of the week. It really helps to stay on track and eat healthier when we plan and prep for the week. Makes the week go by so much smoother too.

I am excited that this is a short week for me - I just have to get through four days of work and then I am off Friday....until next Wednesday - YAY! So so so excited to have a block of days off and just chill. I have super big plans too - organizing my closets and drawers ;) But - so looking forward to down time - work has been bananas lately, not sure if the moon is in a weird cycle or what but - something is bringing out the crazies and they all want to talk to me! Makes for some good stories lately but - is really testing my patience and nerves.

One more thing and I am off to bed - I know I have blogged on this band before but - this has been all I've listened to lately. Love love love! Glass Animals - I hope they are touring soon and come through this way or close - I can't get enough!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chill Weekend

This past weekend was of course too short but - was so happy to have a weekend home with no set plans! Here was Saturday morning....ahhhhh :) Lazy day! Something about a lazy Saturday morning on the couch with coffee, pj's and a snoozing Honeybee - love!

Saturday night we tried a new restaurant in Benton Park - right near our hood called Peacemaker - it is a lobster/seafood place where the old Niche used to be - it was SO good! We got lobster rolls with hushpuppies (not in the pic) and while it was a bit pricey - was really delish. Fun atmosphere and really amazing food - loved it, we will be back for sure!

After dinner we hung out at Erin & Alan's for awhile - had my first pumpkin beer of the season (a bit early i know!) and wow - this Imperial Pumpkin Smash from Crown Valley was super tasty. Erin and I may have been sneaking these behind the boys' backs as we didn't want to share :)

Cards Against Humanity ensued.... lots of laughing also. Had some of the best cards ever this night -ha!

So I downloaded the timehop app to my phone - it is kinda cool to see things you were up to or posting about one year/two years/five years ago.... Erin and I were laughing as apparently I posted on FB two years ago about my love of gingerbread iced hand soap - ummmm ok thanks I am sure FB-land really cared about that! This one from six years ago made me sad a little as holy wow - look how skinny I used to be - boooooo :( headed in that direction again but...day-um! Got a-ways to go yet!

And awwww - how cute - this was Chad and me back in the day - I remember this was his first night back after a six month deployment - and this was our first night out on the town together. Good times and good memories! We look so cute!!

Today was a good day at work - my boss gave me a new pullover hoodie with our logo on it - it is really warm and soft & has the awesome thumbholes that I love on shirts like this! Gotta love free swag. I was happy - not sure why my face looks so glum

Now time to hit the hay - i have not been sleeping really well the past week- I think all of the chaos in Ferguson has me stressed a little at night. It is such a terrible situation - my heart goes out to the families involved. It is also a shame all the people that are not protesting peacefully and are rioting/looting instead. I can't understand the thought process behind the anarchy & chaos -  what positive strides can that behavior accomplish? I know it is a byproduct of frustration and anger but - makes me so very sad for the community there.  Ferguson is only about 20 miles from us but - it is still very very close to home. I hope that all of this resolves soon although - it does not look promising. Last night I finally took something to help me sleep :( But for those people that are emailing and calling/texting - yes we are safe and not in danger. I always feel very safe with Chad near me and - very very happy he is not working nights anymore! I am hopeful that Ferguson finds peace very soon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Visit from Friends

Life has been a whirlwind as of late - can't believe August is almost half way over - craziness! So after back to back weekends traveling - I was happy to be spend this past weekend in STL. Our friends Jeff & Sarnia came up for a visit - very low key, chillaxing weekend with lots of laughs, good food & drinks of course. There are so many fantastic places here in St Louis so, it is always hard to decide where to take guests but for this visit for Jeff & Sarnia we hit The Royale, Soulard Farmers Market, Pappy's BBQ, Sweet Divine (extra bonus - they had Schlafly Pumpkin Ale Cupcakes already - hello fall!),  4Hands, Sanctuaria and lastly Atomic Cowboy patio for brunch. Fun filled weekend for sure!

Love these two - we snagged a table outside at 4Hands - Passionfruit Prussia is ah-mazing right now - delish! Perfect summer beer :)

Sanctuaria has this new addition to their patio - a glass house that they have put a bar in - this pic does not do justice as it is truly gorgeous - I will get better pics next time we are there - hello there Alan in the middle of my pic :)

Chad and me - I love how huge my beer looks in this pic :)

This is a mural by local artist Faring Purth - I love this - very haunting & beautiful. You can see at the bottom where the mural was vandalized but already covered up - people can be such assholes but, the artist did not seem to be overly bothered by it based on an article I read - regardless, gorgeous art!

Me & S on Sanctuaria patio - we had such lovely weather while they were here - I am loving the cool summer we are having :)

Here is a pic of my plate at brunch Sunday - our first time at Atomic Cowboy for brunch - YUMMMM! Here is a description from regarding their brunch that sums up what I got - btw I am totally ripping this from an RFT article on it (sorry RFT) -

"For a sweet start, there's the Tres Leches French Toast served with housemade dulce de leche ice cream that melts into thick slices of vanilla bread soaked in a rich custard mix and browned in sizzling butter. Sweeter still, the menu features cinnamon-sugared churros filled with vanilla custard custom-made for Atomic Cowboy by Vincent Van Doughnut. Other doughnuts include glazed maple bourbon bacon, rumchata caramel and peanut butter and strawberry jam, each served with chilled milk."

Ummm yep, we had all that and more! And I also had a Bloody Mary with Three Pepper Vodka -

De. Freakin. Lish.

And so... back to the grind this week! Two workouts in the books already... I obviously need it! Looking forward to a low low LOW key weekend - doing absolutely nothing, unless I want to! I see coffee and pj's in my future :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Birthday D-lo!

I made a long weekend trip out to TX to help celebrate my Mom's 79th birthday! All of my siblings (except for my brother Tom) were there and lot of my nieces & nephews...and their children too! It was great to spend a weekend jam packed with family and get some good family quality time! Chad unfortunately could not join us as last week was he is back to the grind working and has no leave yet - so I went solo. Took many pics of course.... these are in random order :)

here is the bracelet I gave my Mom for her birthday - it is similar to a bracelet I bought for Miss Tiff's birthday, same designer, except this one had a blush/champagne leather straps versus black. She loved it and so did my sisters :) I will have to keep my eyes peeled for a couple more...

Of course my Dad had the cosmos flowing all weekend - he makes the best!

Always have to hit up the Jason's Deli right by my parent's house - grilled cheese and tomato soup is the bomb there!

My sister Stacy is addicted to trash mags... and I love reading them too.... we had so much fun reading these and discussing.... I don't even know who half the people are lately in these but, still fun to read them and girl talk

Oh Janie's Cakes... how I adore thee! I picked up this mini lemon cake for us to devour at my Mom's but, I did bring Chad a big Italian Jane Poundcake - he brought it into work thank goodness. We sampled a Coffee flavored one while we were at the Janie's Cake Bakery.... oh my lord! I think that may be our Thanksgiving Cake this year...it was amazing!

My sweet niece Kayla - such a doll face! She had just finished watching Frozen for the millionth time :)

Garrick & KK - Garrick heads off to London in the fall for a year abroad! i can't wait to hear about his adventures and hmmm.... maybe a trip to visit him? We shall see!

My beautiful nieces - Dana & Mykla - love these two!

Sisters! We went to bring flowers to Dawn Marie's grave & clean it up a bit

 and afterwards we celebrated Dawn over margaritas :)

Found my Dad's 6th grade school pic - what a handsome kiddo he was

Me & Stace

The siblings... I love my parent's backyard - makes me miss having one

Mom & Dad with about half of their grandkids...

Playing in the yard - was so sweet to see all the kids playing together

This pic captures much of the weekend - chaos! We are planning a family trip next year to the beach and talked about hiring a photographer for professional family portraits.... god help that photographer! We are a chaotic bunch!

Me and Sweet Amanda - Gabe's girlfriends from St Louis - love this girl!

Me & D-lo - seventy nine years young!

My Aunt Doris & Cousin Cindy made a trip from Hemphill for the party - loved seeing them and chatting it up - here is me and D-ro!

My neice Mykla & me.... love her! I love love LOVED her earrings - Kendra Scott - I see a pair of these in my future!

Amanda, Dana & Mykla - pretty girls

Me & Dana - she is such an amazing mother - I loved seeing her in action with her three boys

family shot :) love them!

My niece brought me a bottle of Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka - love this stuff as I mix it with club soda and a lime wedge - very refreshing and tart & I can just keep adding club soda to keep hydrated. I drink far less when I do this versus tipping back a beer or glass of vino

My dad's famous fruit tray... he loves making these for everyone to snack on all day

KK & Mykie

We always toss our wine/champagne corks on the top of my Mom's cabinets in her kitchen....

We got curious as to just how many were up there.... turns out quite a few! What can I say... we are wind drinkers in our family ;)

KK & Stacy... she loves her Aunt Stacy!

Oh Sausage Bread..... so so so damn good! These were gone in about 2 minutes. Amazing!

and that pretty much sums up the trip - wonderful to spend time with my familly. I must say I am exhausted after having two trips back to back. I am happy to be home but - we do have company coming again this weekend - Jeff & Sarnia! I know it will be a blast but I have to say I am really looking forward to the first weekend I get to chill in pj's with my coffee on the couch!

Today I took the day off to get the house in order... I am happy to report I weighed myself and I am down 10 lbs! Pretty cool given I have traveled so much lately - building muscle and losing fat YAY! I made our Turkey Sausage, Spinach & Cheese Egg Muffins - these things really help me start the day on a healthy note & are really good....and healthy too. I make enough for me & Chad to eat all week for b'fast...

OK now off to start the cleaning frenzy! Later~