Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beer 30 & Fall

I have not really been in the blogging mood lately - or the picture taking mood - must be the weather - it has been chilly and wet here the past five days or so - yuck - i love the cooler weather but need some sunshine! Guess I will be getting that Sunday as we head out for vaca - YAY!! I of course am making a list of last minute items - sunscreen being #1 on that list!! Gotta have my 90 spf for the beach :) Such a nerd....but gotta protect my white skin!

So - baseball season is in full effect in STL with the Cards being in the playoffs....a friend snapped this picture of a fella at the game and I must say - love this! It's beer 30 someplace peeps! :)

Last Wednesday - had such a fun girls night - we went shopping and ended the evening on Ernesto's patio - this is such a charming little wine bistro in Benton Park - right down the street from us - oh and guess what...Wednesday is half off bottle night...holla!!! We ended up just splitting a bottle as it was a school night but - was delish and such a fun night with my ladies! Here is the view from Ernesto's patio - likely the last "patio night" of the year due to fall/winter weather.

Chad and I checked out a new pizza place that just opened in Soulard....again, right down the street from us. It is wood fired neapolitan pizza place called Pizzeoli - it was really good! We will be back for sure - the crust was really fantastic!

Here is a funny shot from work... Miss Boo was calling me this week! Of course, this was not her legal name but pretty damn funny she had her caller ID changed to say "Miss Boo" - and yes, she was quite the character! :)

 OK so we may have gone to Pastaria on Saturday for lunch... I die for their kale salad! And we split the tiramisu....I mean since we were there and all ;) it was fantastic! Not too sweet - just perfect!

And here is the race t-shirt for the race that never was..... Sunday morning, the alarm went off and it was cold and rainy. We decided to stay in bed! The tshirts were cool this year though :)

I did make some healthy turkey white bean chili this weekend for us.... the favor was great but, i think it could have used some veggies... maybe add some corn or spinach for next time I make it

Fall is here - the leaves are starting to change and I love it! Our park has such amazing fall foliage - here are some pics from Bebe's walk on Saturday...

still a lot of green but - starting to change! Have to pay attention or, you can miss it in a flash.  OH and check out this cute cookie a coworker of mine made this week.... I swear she needs to figure out a way to do this professionally - she makes the cutest iced sugar cookies and cakes - amazing! I loved this skull one of course! Halloween is just around the corner!

I will try and post again this weekend before we head out on vaca but... we shall see if I have time! Soooo excited for beach and relaxation for 7 nights! YAY!!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


This has really been a fun, relaxing weekend - first one in a while where it feels like I've been home without stress from either work or travel - I do love to travel but - all the planning, packing, waiting, rushing, etc that goes along with it - not so fun. So nice to just have a long weekend at home to spend QT with Chad and friends :)

My workout Friday was brutal... I was completely and totally exhausted by the end....which means success!  Lots of lunges, squats, upper body plate circuits, etc. I have to share my post workout selfie I send to my sisters as it is such a gorgeous pic of me - ha! I had to sit in my car for about 10 minutes so that I could feel my arms and legs so I could drive home...I think this pic captures how completely smoked and sweaty I was :) Now THAT is a good workout! I am a firm believer of no makeup at the gym :)

Later that night - we watched the Cards game at 21st Amendment with Will - we each had a different style of beer - I tried the Game of Thrones Valar Morghulis - it is an Abbey Dubbel weighing in at 8% so - needless to say, only had one! But - was really delicious

We met up with our friends Jess, Amber & Jordan and moved to Venice Cafe to celebrate the Cards victory - such an awesome game Friday night! Cheers to the Cards!

Every time we go to Venice Cafe - I always wonder why we don't hang out here more - very close to our house and so much to explore - I love how funky and eclectic the decor is. They just reopened the upstairs again and it is amazing the level of detail and weirdness in there. I need to really go back and take a ton of pics to capture everything - it is really amazing. Here is the view from upstairs on the band that was playing below...

Outside bar... Jesus Saves...you a beer for later!

You cannot put your finger on a spot that doesn't have mosaic, mirror, tile, marble, etc etc etc.... so funky!

Love my new Cards hoodie... perfect for this time of year :)

More funkiness.... entire wall filled with license plates from all over...

I've taken a pic in this spot before - the bathroom off the patio is encased in stained glass and mirrored mosaic.... so so cool!

awwww aren't we cute

Super fun night! Saturday was a shopping day with Laura... we decided to drive out to the outlet mall in the burbs and wow - so glad we did. I can't wait to go back and spend more time as we were on a mission for purses and didn't really look at any clothes.... I hit the hat and purse jackpot!

Much to fashion's dismay... I found a cute fedora!  It was so cute I could not resist.... perfect for our vaca coming up!

And I needed a hat for the beach.... wider brim to protect my fair skin

 Got both of those hats for under $30 total! SCORE! Now on to the major purchases of the day.... I found not one but TWO amazing purses :) Love this color and perfect for fall... I love this cognac color as it goes well with black also....

This purse! It is a delicious plum/ burgundy color.... so pretty and fun - love!

Also picked up these new Coach shades.... I really don't treat myself to expensive shades as I have a tendency to lose them or scratch them but - these were on sale - in fact everything was 50% off! So... I scored 2 purses and the shades for the price of the smaller Coach bag that I originally thought I would buy (the red haircalf) - awesome deal! :)

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend - I am going to try and get a run in today - we shall see. I have to run some errands and wanted to try and hang with Erin & Laura and "watch some sports" as Erin says - lol - which really means having a few beers at our local watering hole and catching up :) Happy Sunday Funday Y'all!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Job News and Purses

So I can finally share some work news - I interviewed a few weeks ago for a management position in a different line of business - so basically same thing I am doing now but involving the injury piece as well. It was a tough decision to put myself out there again into the sea of vulnerability as I love my peers, my team, my boss and feel comfortable in what I am doing but... i know i need this piece to become more well rounded and marketable for the next level when that day comes. So... I had two nerve wracking interviews and found out this week that I got the job YAY! Same company, same location - just a different line. Very excited as there is so much for me to learn and new opportunities ahead but - also nervous and scared as there is so much to learn and new opportunities ahead HA. In a way I feel like this is tying a nice little bow around my career as I started out in injury claims a long long time ago when I was in my early 20s. I start the week we get back from vaca and will have 3 weeks of training in Florida - so yay on getting to spend some time with Joanne! This also means that the rest of the year is going to be hectic and fly by faster than normal with all that travel. But - very excited for change and new challenges ahead!

So... to congratulate myself I am going to buy myself a nice purse. I had a very funny epiphany with my friend Laura last week - we went to a nice event and I was dressed pretty sassy and we sit down and I throw my black shoulder sport purse I have been carrying all summer onto our table. She just looks at me and says "you know, you really should think about getting a new purse...that thing is awful" - LOL - i kinda was thinking that exact thing for a flash as I threw it on the table next to her beautiful purse and she just verbalized it. I agreed and we laughed. Here is a pic of said terrible purse....it was kinda my weekend/casual purse and somehow turned into my "i am too lazy to change purses so I am just gonna cram my shit in this bag" purse. You can see my wallet doesn't really fit so well in it :)

Thank goodness I have honest friends that keep me in check with fashion.... I have a tendency to get comfy these days and not focus on the details. I have a closet full of adorable stilettos/heels from years back that rarely see the light of day and have a tendency to wear a rubber band around my wrist at all times to swoop my hair into a ponytail at a seconds notice. This appalls my friend Tiff - she says it is very Midwestern of me - lol. Now - nothing wrong with any of this but - it is good to have friends that keep you in check - I was informed this spring that cargo skirts are unacceptable, fedoras for ladies are out, and most recently - ditch the ugly ragged out frumpy bag. OK!

So mission tomorrow is to find a new purse.... I have been looking online at some bags as I do want to get a fairly nice one as I am rewarding myself but - wow, apparently I have some expensive taste. Booo. Here is the coach bag that I really want that is WAY out of my price range....$1200! I am in love with the color.... it is haircalf though and not sure if that is versatile enough or durable enough? Obviously once I buy a purse it kinda becomes my "ride or die purse" so - i need one that can stick with me through busy, hectic times. Gorgeous but - i would feel terrible paying this much - the first time someone spilled beer on it I would snap.

Now here is a smaller one that is still pricey but - certainly more affordable - I adore this color!

 I checked out MK as well as I have had a few of his purses and they are really durable and good quality.... of course the one I fell in love with....$1300!!! WTH! But isn't it gorgeous?

Looked at this one too - fun color - different for me but I have kinda been wanting a jade colored purse - this is much more affordable at around $395 and betting I may be able to find it cheaper or on sale.
I checked out Kate Spade as well but, not really a huge fan - she is a bit plain jane for me but - she did have some cute kitschy stuff.... look at this adorable Hello Tokyo Cat clutch - so cute!

I did like this Kate Spade bag as well but... not good for an everyday purse. Love the pops of color

Anyway - tomorrow I have talked Laura into going purse shopping with me - hopefully it is a success :)
Today - is a welcomed day off - I train with Josh midday and then we are going out for a drink tonight at SOHA. Tomorrow night we are having friends over for soup/stew/beer bread/stout night around the firepit. Cooler temps are finally here so - tis the season! :) Love fall weekends!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Selfie Crazy

i am still in shock at just how fast time is flying lately - October is just a day away - what?? Crazy! And our vaca to the Bahamas is just a few weeks away - YAY!  The past week has been a whirlwind.... so will just share my pics aka lazy blogging :) And let me give you fair warning... i went selfie crazy this past week apparently

Got a few runs in as my workouts with Josh went by the wayside - either I was busy or he was but, we are back on track now :) Here is me after my run.... lookin like a boss tho in head to toe costco...had to throw that Workaholics quote in - love my workout tank from Costco :)

Chad and I babysat Miss Maeve Saturday night...Erin said she would not wake up. Ummm yeah, she did. Like 20 mins after they left! Thank goodness Chad's so good with her :) She is such a doll & Chad is a natural! I drank wine :)

Brunch with my ladies & Walter Sunday... isn't he cute!

Wednesday night, went to a charity event at Meyer's Grove.... must admit the huge draw was the MAC giveaways :) Laura hit it big and won a HUGE basket full of goodies. Totally jealous!

 MAC brushed up our makeup - I really want to go in for a full makeover as it has been a few years since I did that. I could spend hours at the makeup counter :)

Me, Laura & Roma  - very fun night!

Loved my outfit this day - good fall outfit :)

Was so excited as I got to spend Friday and Sunday night with these two :) My friend Heather from college came through STL for family reasons - was so happy to spend some time catching up, reminiscing and getting to know her man Charlie. Such good peeps and I love old friends that you can go years without physically seeing but - it's like you never miss a beat when you reunite - love!
She is living in LA and composing movie scores now - so cool & very proud of her!

Me & Chad at dinner with Heather and Charlie...

 Saturday I finally worked out with Josh after about 10 days off due to my TX trip and hectic schedule as of late.... let's just say I was smiling here but....it's the second day since my workout and I am still feeling those squats and lunges....OUCH

Told ya I went selfie crazy... this was before food truck fest Saturday at 4Hands

Love all my bracelets I had on this day too... made me think of Miss Tiff :)

Us at the Shanti - hung with Will after Food Truck Fest - damn Saturdays go by way too fast :(

Very very busy past few weeks! Exciting changes at work coming up but still a bit too early to say - I will try and blog about it later this week. My parents were supposed to come this weekend but had to cancel as my Dad has a bad cold - boooo :( I am disappointed of course but, guess we need a weekend to chill & just go with the flow... looking forward to sleeping in already!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Home from TX

So happy to be home - it was a fun trip but crazy hectic! Here is my week in pics :)

Trip started off on an interesting foot...haha. Random creeper in airport flagged me down to tell me "excuse me miss - but you have beautiful feet - what size do you wear? 7.5??" ......uhhhhh - what do you say to that? Yikes - I smiled and slinked away. Really creepy as yes, I sure do wear a size 7.5! What can I say - I am a weirdo magnet.

Good news for all of my 90's goth kids....Creepers are back in! haha - this totally cracked me up on the plane...thanks InStyle!

love my Mom's wine fridge - I may need one of these in my life :)

Wine time at D-lo's house is 4pm...

Cheers! Our first "wine time" of the weekend...

I was able to get three runs in on my trip - go me!

One was in a cool drizzle and felt awesome - 4 miles YAY!

Wine time round 2 ;)

LOL this cracked me up.... texts b/t me and my sister over college football HA - the UGA/SC game made me angry to say the least ;) For those of you not familiar with SEC football - SC's mascot is a gamecock...haha pretty lame right? Yep especially when they beat us :(

My beautiful Mom - this is her champagne with brunch - she put watermelon in hers - was delish!

I ran to the store in Tyler to grab stuff for dinner and WHAT??? They sell Janie Cakes in the grocery store now - oh wow! I would be in big trouble... way too tempting to grab once a week - Chad's favorite too - Italian Jane!

ahhhh - my happy place - wine on the back patio

post run pic with Miss D-lo - love her so much :) Mom said she loved to watch me run and see my ponytail swing - reminded her of when i was little - awww, i almost cried when she said that :)

Mom loved my work outfit  - wore this to the Tyler agent show - I wasn't sure about the shoes but D-lo loved them ;)

Hello San Antonio - Prickly Pear Margarita on the Riverwalk - was so good after a long day

Gratuitous Alamo Selfie.....

Tired me in Austin - such a crazy whirlwind week

Got to spend time with these monkeys - my little nephews are the sweetest... I wanted to take them home!

Back in Tyler before my flight out - had to stop by Janie's for Chad... yum!

picked up a lemon and a java chip poundcake - the smaller sizes so we don't eat as many calories ha! right....  I got major wife brownie points for this :)

Stopped into Cole's to check out the Radkos.... love love love this store!

I wanted to get a more "christmasy" ornament this time as my last couple have been non-traditional sugar skulls - I went with Lone Star Santa - loved the TX flag and yellow roses - kinda Kenny Rodgers-esque ya think?

Me and BTW - we laughed afterward at this pic - he looks so thrilled to be taking a pic with me ha

My awesome husband surprised me with this gift when i got home - a rosegold MK watch.  He hid it on my jewelry rack so when I was unpacking my jewelry I spied it! Guess he was not a fan of my NYC knock off lol - such a sweet hubby! Love it!

Last night we went out to Olio for dinner and drinks - my wine was so delicious - '12 Benanti Carricante - so lemony and acidic and dry - perfect white wine!

And they had an amazing speck sammy with lemon preserves and gruyere - SO GOOD!

And the kale salad was delicious too - i think i ate a pound of kale last night - was lemony with sharp cheese and breadcrumbs - heavenly!

I bought myself a little present right before I left and they came in the mail while I was gone - Kendra Scott earrings - I am in love with these - so simple and chic - love!

Happy to be home and relaxing today...although I know this weekend is going to go by way too fast already....