Sunday, February 22, 2015


What a cold week it has been! Lots of snow and freezing temps.... in fact tomorrow morning the windchill is supposed to be down to -20 degrees. HOLY COLDNESS. Ok Spring...I am ready for you now :)

We had snow on Monday and since the temp never got above freezing - it stayed on the ground all week....then more snow Friday night. The positive is that is it killing all the bugs and we will have less spiders and mosquitos this summer. At least that is my theory.

So this week was spent largely indoors.... rearranged/organized our pantry. Yep, this is organized for us. You should have seen it before...disaster! I would love to get baskets and tupperware in there to organize further but - let's be honest, that shit will never happen, at least not anytime soon in this house! This makes me happy and less stressed for now :)

Used my curling rod this week...this is what I do now on the days I am too lazy to wash my hair and can get away with dry shampoo and some curls. Flashing back to high school with the curls

Lots of working out this week - three running days on the dreadmill and two lifting sessions with Josh. I am starting to get into the big boy weights - did a bench press with 120 lbs this week - whoooo! Go me. I felt pretty proud! Again, best part of running at home is being able to wear my running leggings I usually don't wear in public... no worrying about what they look like on or if they match my socks, or no worries about the dreaded CT (translation - camel toe for those skinny girls out there). Pretty liberating to just throw those tight ass running leggings with the gray swirls on them and not give a flip what my ass looks like in them :-) Ran 4 miles yesterday - a bit behind in my training schedule but - i plan on adding a mile a week from here on out and hope for the best. The goal is to finish the half and run as much as I can!

See the above referenced gray running tights with gray swirls and mismatched socks....

Text from the hubs... love his encouragement :) "work it girl" - ha! Made me smile for a mile! Oh and Vanilla Rye is a beer FYI....

Forgot my breakfast one morning this week so had to head over to our cafe. I ordered a veggie egg white omelet. Wow - size of my head! I have no idea how many egg whites went into this but I would say a dozen! I ate about 1/4 of this bad boy. Note to self...don't forget your breakfast!!

I told you this week was cold... i pretty much kept my long johns on 24-7. Brrrrrr

New purchase this week.... my friend Laura showed me this online and I got it for $140! Love :)

Nothing like coming home to a Sephora box! I had to order more Clinique smart serum and also picked up 2 Urban Decay eyeliners (a matte purple & gray), some face primer and a lip mask. This winter/dry air has wrecked havoc on my skin including my lips... the Perfect Pout mask by Kaplan MD is AWESOME!

This is the face primer I bought - first time using it but I think I'm going to love goes on really smooth and has SPF and no oil in it.

Here is an awesome grocery store find... Salted Caramel greek yog with only 80 calories! whooo! Delicious :) I will try pretty much anything that is salted caramel flavored. Love it.

Here is the snow we woke up to yesterday morning - the walk had been shoveled and well - snow happened again.

Yesterday's spinach, chicken & feta omelet with a side of vitamin C. Much more portion appropriate :)

Bebe photobombing my post run selfie from yesterday..... cray cray eyes.

Here was my reward for running yesterday - we went out for dinner last night to Basso and had the most delicious pizza on the planet. It is fire wood grilled pizza so - super thin crispy crust, with butternut squash, speck, fontina cheese & sage. SO FREAKING DELICIOUS!!!! It is only on their menu for winter so we usually get it once a year - so so so SO good. Their kale & arugula salad was also really awesome.

Today is cleaning, Costco & food prep day - maybe meeting friends out later for drinks, we shall see. Happy February Is Almost Over Week! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentine's & Mardi Gras!

This has been a fun weekend with Mardi Gras and Valentines falling on the same day :) Random photos from the past few days....

I had lunch with coworkers Friday at The Shack - really good and I loved my coffee mug - i need this in my cupboard!

Chad and I celebrated V-Day Friday night - he made me an amazing dinner - beef tenderloin, creamed spinach and garlic parm smashed potatoes - delicious!

 He also gave me my favorite - chocolate covered strawberries & salted caramels... I cannot explain how amazing these chocolate covered strawberries are - SO GOOD!!!

 I still have 2 strawberries left but - these salted caramels are GONE :)

I gave Chad a "meat heart for your sweetheart" box from a local butcher.... such a manly Valentine!

So this year - we decided to not go to the Mardi Gras Parade due to the weather - so so cold out! It did feel weird not partaking this year but.... sorry, that is just too cold to walk around outside with a cold (frozen) beer or hurricane!

I got a run in yesterday.... felt great!

Then we went over to Erin & Alan's for a shrimp boil. Chad made his red beans & rice (so good!!) and Erin made garlic cheese biscuits - YUM! Alan made the shrimp/corn/potatoe country boil - was so much fun!

Check out sweet Maeve's valentine - love it! She is such a doll :)

We took goofy pics after drinking a few bottles  glasses of vino while laughing hysterically in the kitchen - such a fun night!

Woke up this morning to this forecast.... really, last night they were saying 1-2" of snow.... now they are saying 6-10" over tonight and tomorrow. I am SO excited! Finally getting my snow!

So of course... off to the grocery store we went this morning...along with everyone else in St Louis

I picked this magazine up for some good reading - excited to try out some new pizza places in the city!

 So now - we sit and wait for the snow! Really hoping the forecast is right - one good snow and then, bring on Spring! I see lots of blog reading, coffee, wine & online shopping for me in the next 24-36 hours! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Run For Your Beads 5K & Soulard Pet Parade

What a weekend! Saturday was the Run For Your Beads 5K... it was a little chilly and windy as hell! Lesson learned here - I need to start training outside. The race started out with a big hill in Foulard and UGH - man, that was just one of many! I was smoked afterwards! Looking oh so pretty below :)

My reward afterwards.... a fleur de lis iced sugar cookie from Sweet Divine. It broke....boooo but, made it easier to share that way :)

 Yesterday after the race, we promptly came home, I showered and put on jammies at 2pm and we stayed in the rest of the night - was awesome! I was so so tired! Running uphill in the wind is no joke.

This morning I hit spinning with Erin....I sweated my ass off! Serious sweat session....

Came home, showered and hit the Soulard Pet of my favorite Mardi Gras Events! This year we decided to bring both Honey and Bebe.... so glad we did. Here was the best costume of the day....they were blaring "Love Train" by the O'Jays... hilarious!

We tried to get a pic of me with the girls before the parade started.... no such luck but these crack me up... there was way too much going on for H & B to be still and pose for a pic

After walking in the parade, we decided to let Honey rest on the patio at iTap before we walked home.... she was done for the day!

Family shot on the patio.... the weather was fantastic today, mid 60s and sunshine - very unusual for STL this time of year

Post parade pic.... we are TIRED!

I should be packing as I will be in KC for work Monday - Wednesday but, decided to wake up early and pack instead... i know i know...this should be my LAST work trip for a bit! :) Cheers and hope everyone has a productive, healthy and fun week ahead!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Time for bed yet???

blech - i have been in a winter funk lately. I have been fighting the urge to put on my jammies since about 7:15pm tonight! It seems like all I want to do lately is snuggle up under the covers and snooze... this winter has been a bit of a dud as far as snow goes for us so.... I think I am ready for Spring this year extra early. It is actually snowing a bit here tonight but, only getting about an inch and well that is just not impressive :) I would really like one big snowfall and then bring on the Spring. The weather has been like a pendulum lately.... in the teens and snowy tonight and supposed to be in the 60s and sunny Saturday....huh?

 So here are my random photos from the past couple weeks....

this was the best damn quesadilla I made myself for lunch one day.... sooo good! Black bean and chicken - was awesome!

 Hmmmm sensing a pattern here..... we ordered in qdoba for lunch for our department this week and yep, I went right for chicken, black beans w/ salsa verde & a little bit of guac....YUM! I could eat this every day.

Superbowl was spent at home....was everyone as excited as I was to see Missy Elliot?!! She was the best part and Get Ur Freak On is back in my running playlist rotation. This was my drink for the game ... was happy to finally found these in our local grocery store....really more of a summer drink & a little on the sweet side but - pretty damn good!

Here is Honey during the big game.... she is doing really well, in fact we did round four of chemo today. She is responding really well and her counts are looking great! The only downer is that with her treatment and steroid dosage, she is super super hungry and wakes us up several times during the night to go outside for a potty break. Kinda feel like this is what having a newborn must be like. sorta. kinda. ugh....I am sleep deprived regardless. but happy she is doing so well!

No joke about wanting to get in my pjs as soon as I get home... and I am still in love with these ones from old navy!! they look so good with my leopard slippers right?? :)

Random post workout selfie.... love the bun

So, I was off last Wednesday and decided to make a trip out to Trader Joe's.... I don't shop here often because the parking lot is so so SO freaking bananas, it makes my blood pressure elevate just thinking about it. I find it so funny that people want to shop at Trader Joe's because it is healthy and fair trade friendly, more local options, healthier..... but goddammit a hippie will cut a bitch over a parking space. WTH!! It is cray. So... I try to avoid it. I thought that going mid day on a Wednesday would help... it was a tad bit better but damn, still some pent up aggression going on in that parking lot!

Anyway I digress.... I did pick up some good finds! Like this Hot & Sweet Mustard.... I am a bit of a mustard freak and have actually thought of signing up for a "mustard of the month" club. Real talk. You would be in shock over the amount of grey poupon I go through in a month. Love that shit! No nasty ketchup for this girl. I put mustard on everything pretty much.... even my brussel sprouts. Dip fries into it. Yep - everything! So I was excited to try this...

 Here is a pic of my loot.... now I did go hungry and with PMS so....picked up a fair amount of chocolate :\ I have yet to try the mini brie but wow that got me super excited!

also picked up these gorgeous flowers for under $12! I just smoothed two bouquets together and viola!

these dark chocolate covered ginger pieces are super yummy.... i love candied ginger

This was probably my favorite find! Five little chocolate covered shortbread cookies for 110 calories... so good with an afternoon cup of coffee!

These are amazing. As in I will not buy them again because I had to physically restrain myself from inhaling the entire bag in one sitting. Now on a side note, Chad said they tasted like old people. I don't know any elderly people that last like chocolate covered sea salt butterscotch caramels. Judging by how I threw down on this bag of candy, that is a good thing.

This stuff. So good! I need to find a copy cat pin for this stuff... delish with crackers and healthy

So yeah.... Trader Joes was fun for a day but, I dropped about $80 on snacks foods. I don't think it will become a weekly place for me but - fun every once in a bit.

Finally got my lobster craving in! I only ate half regrettably... just got too rich. So damn good and hands down best hush puppies ever!

Cocktails were really good at Peacemaker as well.... this was equal parts vodka, ginger liquor, lemon juice and cucumber juice with a cayenne salt rim.... hello lover! This was amazing

 So I have been slacking about blogging lately....instagram is more my jam these days. Hoping I get inspired soon otherwise I have been thinking of not blogging anymore. Or starting a new anonymous one. We'll see what haps. OK... off to put on my jams and go to BED! :) Happy Humpday Y'all!